Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 283

We are half way through winter! Now that's a relief. Bring on the spring countdown ...

I will be thrilled to shake off the winter blues and suck in some fresh dawn air again. It is 6.00am and I would normally be out walking, jogging or bike riding at this hour, but the dark and extreme cold has kept me indoors and with minimal exercise over the last few weeks.

Enter Coach Maya! I don't own a Wii Fit but I did find a Wii game that doesn't need one that still helps me to exercise. It's called "My Fitness Coach". One step up from a fitness DVD as this allows me to plug in all my weights and measures, plug in my goals, check my heart rate before and after exercise etc and then develop me a fitness program. Plus you get rewards the more you exercise to keep you going. You get to different fitness levels at which point you get to choose new workout locations and dance music. Cool.

This morning Coach Maya and I did a 30 minute "core" workout on the roof of a city building. You can choose from cardio-fitness, yoga, flexibility and weight loss workouts. She tends to recommend what you should be doing based on the original information you plugged in. Plus what equipment you own (fit ball, hand weights, step, heart-rate monitor). Anyway, this morning Coach Maya and I did some core body work at her recommendation. I chose the 30 minute workout based on time available. You can choose 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

It's not bad. I do work up a sweat and my muscles are sore the days following so it is obviously doing something. It's not burning many calories though. At boot camp we used to burn between 400 and 500 calories in an hour. With Coach Maya she suggests I am burning between 50 and 100. But I guess working indoors in front of a TV screen on a flat surface means you are quite limited. There is definitely no hill sprints and dragging tyres. But at least I feel like I am doing something.

Something I did discover this morning is that I just can't do side crunches!! It's like physically impossible. Don't pull on your neck. But it's the only way I can actually move to anything resembling a sit up! I can do standard sit ups and crunches till the cows come home (hey, where have the cows been?), but these side-ways thingimos are useless!! Let's make that my new fitness goal. Oh, and the other thing I discovered is that I have very hairy carpet. Between the dog hair and my dark locks, the carpet is a mess!! Mental note ...

Have a great Fat-to-fitness Thursday. Hey, this is the first time in weeks I actually had something to contribute to this Fat-to-Fitness Thursday but Lucy's internet must still be down so I can't get the linky code!! Bugger.

Anywho, I'm outa here. I am now getting ready to co-run a cheerleading holiday fun day for eight hours. Fun for who? Me of course .... (sigh) .... otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.


  1. hmmm, a virtual personal trainer. Sounds interesting. She won't get offended when I call her a masochistic b***** like other trainers I have insulted.

  2. Woohoo cheerleading!

    We have my fitness coach- I've watched my hubby do it.. it looks great but as you say it doesn't compare to The real Thing with a trainer outside... but the Wii has quite possibly been the saving grace of many many people over the world...

    ..people who can't force themselves to step into a gym... they can't get 'as good a' workout but they are certainly having a go, getting moving, and raising that heart rate


    Gail x

  3. That sounds like fun Leanne, enjoy.

  4. Thank you for linking up lovely Leanne and Maya! xx


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