Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 287

There is one thing I probably won't talk about here. Politics. Interesting given I talk about everything else (droopy or otherwise). But I don't like to discuss politics. It's far too opinionated for me. You want to see my eyes glaze over and my brain to lock? I don't think so.

That said I do need to share a little something straight from the "mouths of babes". But before I do, I've got to say, I really wish I carried my voice recorder about with me to capture the truly amazing things that come out of my kids mouths. I always think I'll remember their words, but a few hours later and it's promptly forgotten. The wonderful innocence and innovation they express is worth documenting. Darby is an ideas man and a clown, and Tahlia is completely clueless but totally entertaining with a wickedly dry sense of humour. As a pair, they really make for some crazy quotable quotes ...

But back to not talking about politics in the world of kidnom.

Yesterday we were driving along (off to buy Mummy a new dishwasher ... woot woot ... because ours has been broken for 9 months) and we started talking to the kids about what they might expect during their first week back at school. Derek suggested to Tahlia that her teacher might talk about the upcoming election. The kids asked questions and he tried to explain a few things.

Anyway, Tahlia declared in the middle of all this that she hoped that Libra would win. (That's fair proof that politics isn't discussed in our home.)

I said "Libra? Do you mean the Liberal Party? Why is that darling?"

And she said "Because I want a lady to stay as our Prime Minister".

"Oh, you mean Labor?"

She said "yeah, the Libra party".

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I am thinking she might be combining Labor and Liberal and coming up with Libra. What do you think?

Derek and I were discussing this in bed last night and giggling wondering what that would be like. Our biggest question was would it have factions? We suggested it might be best to go without fiction, faction, friction or fraction ... which would make it wingless.

Yes Libra wingless. Somewhat appropriate for a female PM.

Anyway, it cracked us up.


Not working for ya?

Oh well.

(For my followers from the Northern Hemisphere this may mean nothing to you. But here is a hint: Libra is one of our biggest selling brands of feminine hygiene product. And a "wing" is a political faction.)

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  1. Hahhha, As soon as I read Libra, I immediately thought "wingless?".....must be on your wavelength! xx


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