Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 288

Today is a day of updates!! Yes, everything that has been left hanging will be scooped up and piled on the blog platter for the world to see. Pooper scooping at its finest ...

Well, in accordance with my affirmations (and because my toilet seats are down) money is flowing to us from multiple sources! Actually let's change that ... flowing is the affirmative word ... the real word is actually dribbling ... but there is money coming in for which we are grateful.

Well we are completely ensconced in cheer right now. You will recall that last week we ran a holiday fun day for the cheerleaders. I came home and Darby said "Mum, you smell like cheerleaders!" I have no idea what a cheerleader smells like, but its cheer, surely that can't be bad? Next comp is in less that 3 weeks and it's a biggy! The NSW State comp with World Cup Cheerleading in Sydney. We are taking around 90 cheerleaders again. Yikes!

Teachers' Aide:
Well my literacy contract went so well last term that I have been signed up again for this term. It seems the school still has some grant money left over so they're flinging it my way. See, money dribbling to me from multiple sources. This term I will be with year 4.

Again, money dribbling in. Nice! I love working with my clients. They give me as much energy as I give them which is such a bonus. It's a great world when you love what you do. PLUS I have taken some action and taken to the recruitment agencies to keep myself open and available for coaching and mentoring opportunities within corporate environments. This week I am chairing a small business networking session which is something I am looking forward to!

My kids went back to school yesterday and have come home in very high spirits. Which is good news as Darby really didn't want to go back. But they were all talk, talk, talk last night which is a lovely thing. Both are well and happy. Which makes me feel happy too (if not a bit "testy" and lacking tolerance because of too much other gumf on my mind).

Been chatting with Chelsea about her engagement party and am helping cater it etc. All good there. She seems to be in good spirits.

Yeah, yeah. I'm being a good wife. Doing all that ...

Doing all that too. Got folks with their long lost friends coming over for dinner tonight which will be lovely. I get to show off my house and they get to show off their grandkids. Oh, and if I haven't updated you for a while, Mum has fabulous feet!!! The cut, shave, chop and mold operation seemed to work.

Yep, fulfilling that role nicely by hosting Derek's parents 50th wedding anniversary party at my house in September, combined with Derek's brothers 25th wedding anniversary.

We actually washed them on the weekend. That's a good thing. Max isn't quite as hip gyraty as he used to be. It seems he and his Brokeback Mountain cowboy boyfriend Binny have settled into a relationship groove where sex isn't quite as passionate and ravaging as it used to be. That's a good thing for all concerned. Much easier on the eye. Miss Millie is looking lovely in her knitted pink sweater she's wearing this winter. She even has a matching pink sequined bow for when visitors arrive. Yes, we'll whack it on her tonight.

Go away, don't want to talk about that. Severely lacking.

Yeah, working hard on that positive mindset. The winter blues bring with them a bit of stuff that seems to be fibromyalgia related. Battling quite a bit of fog, fatigue and some joint pain. Nothing too major though. It's the fog that stuffs me ... but, still not giving it any energy. That seems to work (does that mean ignorance really is bliss?)

Deep Frydom:
I am starting to get those saggy jowls that come with aging skin which makes me a bit of a "puppet mouth" but I think that the trick is to keep smiling because it keeps everything pointing upwards. Boobs are looking pretty good, arse is still fairly firm despite lack of exercise, tummy is a bit muffin-toppish right now, but hey, it's winter, need that spare tyre. My hair is freshly died and my chin is neatly plucked. If it wasn't for a neck full of pimples (I think from wearing a scarf?) I'd be feeling pretty damn hot!

Ok, I could ramble on forever. But there is just one more little thing to mention. Are you ready? Are you sure? Alright. Here I go.

Now that is getting interesting!! After making it to the top floor of my Publishing Dog, to end up with a big fat juicy NO (werewolf bastards), I opened up my mind to new possibilities shifting slightly from the traditional publishing to some modern alternatives.

So I went overseas to the USA where I found some other options. Not physically. Electronically. And I have had a great response although many of them are subsidy based which means I have to commit a bit of money up front. That makes me nervous, but relieved that there are options if I am truly serious about all this. Plus they still all the warehousing, distribution, marketing, sales, hard copy publishing, E publishing etc etc. I have had two big yes' in this regard which I am keeping close to my side as possibilities. Yay!

And then I found a publishing house who is made up of authors who are a bit sick of the traditional methods and the fighting with publishers over money and rights etc, and decided to band together to set up their own publishing business. They are based in the UK, USA and South Africa. They are looking for Australian authors to market both here in Australia and over the world. So I sent in my submission with my fingers crossed (and a few good omens checked off my "gut feeling" list). This morning I woke up to an email that says (and I quote):

"I have the pleasure of informing you that we have looked over your submission and we have decided to accept your work for publication."

Heart beating rapidly. Must read the fine print. Can this be real?

[And you're sitting there thinking "it took her this long to blurt it out!!!!" Yes, I had to clear my mind by talking about all that other dribble first. The dancing will come as soon as I hit Publish Post on this blog.]

So now I need to go and read the document they sent me with all the bits and bobs and fine print and contract. I am taking in very deep breathes right now. Need to keep calm. Must stay focussed. Must remember to breathe ...

Um, but I will say one little thing before I go ....



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so freakin awesome. And, money dribbling is pretty awesome too. yay!

  2. If I wasn't aching so much from yesterdays personal training, I would be dancing round the room for you! WOOOOOOOT!! Brilliant news! xx

  3. You are all things awesome Leanne and YEEHA that the publishing world has finally recognized it too!! Congratulations :D :D. Let me know where abc when I can buy the first copy, I could sure use motivational books for kids in my new role :). So happy for you xo

  4. Yay to you Leanne, goodness comes to those who wait. You didn't hide from the storm you have always dnaced in the rain, Well done!!!!!!!

  5. thanks everyone! Now the real work begins ...


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