Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 290

Oh wow. Look at those days keep rolling by. I am 40 and 290 days old. The count down is on to 41.

And what was my major goal? To be published ... which is absolutely going to be a reality. Woot woot!

But guess what. Just because you have a publishing contract sitting on your desk doesn't mean the rest of your world halts. Oh no ....

What other fantabulous activities are high on my list of priorities right now? Well, besides the literacy workshops at school, and clients, and another book I am putting together called "Beyond Ordinary - every day journeys through self growth" (do you have a story to tell?), and cheerleading of course , I am also deeply embedded in the world of sequining.

My beautiful Tahlia has another calisthenics competition this weekend which means our standard family weekend world stops and we cross over to the world of show business for a couple of days. And what's show business without lots of bling and sparkle and .... sequins?


Tiny little sparkle thingimos with a hole in the middle where you guide your needle, and then you need this even smaller tiny tiny bead thing threaded on as well to use as a "stopper" type thing or "plug" and all this takes lots of great hand eye coordination, and lots of patience (and if you're all thumbs or your acrylics are too long you will end up throwing a major tanty), and then you sew it all onto the costume and thread the needle back out again and BINGO you have one sequin stitched on out of around 200. And then you start again. It takes HOURS. I do this leaning over the costume, with my eyes all squinty, and my tongue poking out in concentration. I have to admit to minimal swearing this time as I seem to actually have a bit of a clue as to how to do it now. Either that or it's because my nails are shorter. Either way, the experience hasn't been all "fucks" and "Jesus" as it has in years gone by. Relatively smooth sailing.

So as I type this I have 8 beautiful little dance dresses hanging from my doorway all sequined and ALMOST ready for comp this weekend. Oh, before you go all "wow this girl is superwoman" on me, I haven't sequined them all. No, no, no. Not taking that credit. They were all done from a few years back, there were just some costumes with gaps, and rogue sequins hanging about like squealing West Coast Cooler drinking teenage girls needing a bit of discipline. But there was one costume that was in such disarray that I got the shits, ripped all the sparkly little buggers off, and started again. Seemed like a good idea at the time ...


  1. I think i've lucked out big time finding a dance school for miss A which supplies all the costumes! We just hire them for the concert :). No sequin sewing here *phew*. Are you going to share a photo of all your squinty, sweaty hard work with us? ;) good luck to your daughter also for the weekend. :)

  2. Yeah, ok. will photograph the sequins :) Just so you can see what you are missing out on ...

  3. Sequin sewing is why I am desparately hoping swimming and Joey's will satisfy Miss Olivia......

  4. That sounds about like what I have to do for horse competitions. Thank goodness there is only one costume with sparklys per year unless she wants to do Rodeo Queen, then heaven help me. I was saved this year we had to be out of town.
    I gave you a Versatile Blogger award. And really I have been following you for a bit just somehow didn't get my sig on your list till today.

  5. Sequining a horse?? Ohhhh, the rider! Thanks Goodness. Thanks so much for the award!!! And welcome ... :)

  6. rofl...sequining a horse! you crack me up Leanne.

    (PS, you don't really have to photograph the sequins..I can use my imagination :p)


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