Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 291

Hey y'all. I got another blogger award overnight, another Versatile Blogger Award which is lovely! Thank you to for the sentiments.

A while back I told you 7 things about me that you didn't already know. Because I wear so many hats, I decided to make the 7 things relate to my role as a cheerleading coach. You can read about it here.

Today I have decided to tell you 7 things about me related to my new role as an "about to be published author". Disclaimer: Whether or do or don't sign the contract in front of me I am still very much "an about to be published author" . Yeah, it's that simple.

Fact (1): In my mid 30s I set a number of goals to have accomplished by the time I was 40. Actually, no, there were not a number, only one. Let me start again. When I was 25 I set a number of goals to accomplish by the time I reached 30. There was a lot - to be earning a certain income, to have gone overseas twice, to be owning my own home, to have a second degree, to own my own car (outright), to be thinking about getting married and have kids. I reached them all. When I turned 30 I had a 10 day old baby girl in my arms with a loving husband by my side and we were living in the home that I had bought. I had been back to the USA (twice) and to China. I had a graduate diploma. I had been promoted at work several times. The car was mine. I accomplished it all. I had made decisions, set my intentions, and created the life I had envisaged for myself. So when I was in my mid 30s with two kids, and a husband, and a new much bigger home, I decided I need new goals for 40. I only set one - to be published. Anything else seemed too huge given (at the time) I was working full time for the Government and I had two kiddies to raise. Six months before I turned 40 (ie last year) I panicked and thought I'm not published! So I commenced my journey.

Fact (2): I actually have had a crack at writing children's books before, when Darby was first born, but they were (quite frankly) a heap of shit. While I had lots of ideas and reasons for wanting to write them, I just wasn't ready. I didn't have quite the right mindset. And while there was a purpose to each of them, the heart of that purpose just didn't reach through to the pages. Needless to say I was rejected. And because of my lack of belief, I saw the rejections as a brick wall and filed them away. I am pleased I didn't get published back then. Those original books were not my life's work. As I said, they were a heap of shit. A half hearted attempt to get what I wanted quickly. That doesn't work.

Fact (3): I have a half written novel also filed away in my drawer. It's quite a good one too. I started writing it when I was on maternity leave with Darbs but when I went back to work it too got filed in a drawer never to be seen again. Not because it wasn't good (I think it may have been pretty good), but because real life got in the way. Writing requires complete and dedicated concentration, without distraction, which is something a working mother just doesn't get. Hell, who am I kidding? It's something a SAHM doesn't get!! Anyway, there is a half finished novel sitting in a drawer and at the time of writing it I was totally immersed in the character and without any real outline, the character was creating its own destiny as I typed. It took on a life of its own and I had very little control or need to "think" about where it was all headed. The character took care of all that for me .... and since the character has been sitting in a drawer for almost 7 years, it has quite possibly died. Sigh.

Fact (4): The inspiration to write my first children's book last year based on positive psychology principles came about as I was driving to meet with a client. I had been struggling with how to help Darby as he battled his way through his first term at school. Tahlia was easy. She just breezes along without too many worries. She has enough confidence in herself to enter a room and know that she will make a friend. Darby on the other hand lacks confidence and really struggles with new situations and lacks belief in himself. Two kids, same parents, same upbringing, poles apart. As I wrestled with all this during the drive into the city (forget mobile phones, someone needs to police deep thought while driving) I came up with the Can Can Fairy. A storybook character to help kids learn the art of positive self talk. And that is where the "Yes I Can" series of books was born. You can read about the journey to writing the books here.

Fact (5): You already know that I asked both Antonia Kidman and Johanna Griggs to write the Forewords to a book each, which they accepted. Aussies will know who they are, non-Aussies may have to Google them. What you don't know is, that although they were my first choices as "parents of profile" and it was awesome they accepted straight away, I have asked others to come on board this journey and have been rejected. My other two books are still awaiting their intros. I have them out with a couple of wonderfully talented and very grounded Aussie parents right now, awaiting their answers. I am practicing the art of patient persistence and trusting in the universe to ensure the right person accepts the job.

Fact (6): I am in the process of compiling another book - this one for adults - called "Beyond Ordinary: every day journeys through self growth". It is another book close to my heart and was actually "born" about 2 years ago as I watched ordinary everyday people tackle challenges such as cancer, abuse, addictions, depression etc head on. There are plenty of inspirational books out there with journeys of high profile people, or people going through extraordinary events, but there doesn't seem to be much around just showing the Average Joe tackling every day challenges in which people on similar journeys can relate. So that is why Beyond Ordinary is my new pet project. Everyday people knowing that they are more powerful that the circumstances in which they may be surrounded.

Fact (7): The reason I am still sitting here staring at my contract is because I feel as though I am about to hand over my baby. The whole thing feels good, and real, and my gut instinct is saying "YES", but this is my baby! I mean, this is my dream. This could well be my legacy. As I sit here typing I have been making several trips to the toilet. My stomach is in turmoil. I am nervous as buggery, but so very excited at the same time. I have requested a phone call with NYC hoping to speak to Mr Publisher one-on-one just to calm my nerves. I don't want to talk to Mr Publisher's assistant, or Mr Publisher's door bitch, I want to talk to the man himself. And so I am sitting here at 6.00am with my phone by my side and my foot jiggling in nervous anticipation. Ring gosh darn it, ring!!!!!

Sigh. Yes, yes, yes. Patient persistence is the key to getting published. I know that. I'm the one that made it up! I'm just having trouble with that concept right now ....

Anyway. I'd better let you go. You've probably finished your cuppa and need to get on with your day. Don't let me keep you. Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. You are an inspiration Leanne! I loved that you met all your goals in your 20's and have now reached the published one! as I inspiration :) . I hope that the phone has rang for you my friend :) . Your new book sounds like a great idea, I'm not sure I am worthy though to participate...not yet anyway. Lets see if I can actually make a difference first, I could be waiting a while for results, I know they will happen but it is going to take lots of time and sweat and tears :)

  2. Far out, I am nervous for you! Hope you got past the door bitch......

  3. Congrats on your award! And congrats again on the writing and publishing journey - soooo cool!

  4. That's so great that you have achieved all your goals in your 20s and making your way to the next goal. Well done and congrats!

  5. Thanks everyone :) It's looking good! I didn't get a phone call, but I am now booked in to talk to Mr Publisher (who will be sitting in his office on 5th Avenue NYC) tomorrow morning at 6.00am AND I got a personal email from him answering most of my questions. It's a goer guys. It's a goer! Thanks for all your support ...

  6. Wow!!! Wishing you the absolute best of luck for tomorrow- how exciting!!

  7. You are AMAZING! But you knew that already...

  8. I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming book on personal growth. you are covering all the areas of interest at the moment:cancer, abuse, addictions, depression etc head on. Thanks for posting all of your successes. It gives people lots of hope.

    Here is an excerpt from Little Gifts of sustainable Contentment by C.J. Good. -- my new favorite book of affirmations.

    ~~Experience is something I do not acquire quickly. It clasps my body immediately after I need it. Invisible layers of pure potential lie just beneath the surface. I am -being- instead of -trying to become.-~~
    C.J. Good, Author


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