Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 292

Tahlia is all dressed and ready for her dawn hair and make up session. Yes, it's time for another calisthenics competition. I am all dressed and ready for my 6.00am phone call with Mr Publisher.

No, it didn't happen yesterday. The moment I finished talking with you guys I got an email from Mr Publisher confirming our time slot for today. No door bitch, no assistant, but Mr Publisher himself is calling in about 10 minutes.

Mr Publisher. Let's call him ... Fred. No, no, not Fred. Wayne. No, no, not Wayne. Hmm. Chad! Let's call him Chad. Nope. Doesn't fit. Um ... I know!! Let's call him FRANK! Start spreading the neeeeeeeewwwwws, I'm leaving toooooodaaayyyyy ....da da da da da .... New Yooooork, New Yooooork ......

No. I think I will reference him here as Mr Publisher. I know his name of course, but you know, this the blogosphere and you need a bit of a pseudonym.

Of course I now need to go to the toilet. Like really need to go to the toilet. Oh shit. Back in a tic ... (imagine if I took the call on the toilet?)

I'm back. Oh no. Hang on ... got to go again (shit).

Sigh. I'm back. I feel sick. So much nervous anticipation! I think I may vomit. Oh GOD, I am going to vomit ....

If I can't handle this how the hell am I going to handle going on the Kerry Anne Kennel show or The Circle, or or or Oprah? Oh man. I really am going to vomit.

Phone ringing! Hang on ....

(It's him.)

(Hang on.)

(Don't go away ...)

15 minutes later:

Well it's done!! That call confirmed it. I am signing on the dotted line. The best part? They are more excited than I am!! They feel that they have found their next award winning Children's Book author. Their vision is in line with my vision. Their excitement matches my excitement. They want to do whatever it takes to make sure as many children in the world as possible get to see my work. I'm in!!!

Happy Saturday everyone. I'm off for a bit of death by calisthenics ... sorry sorry .... a beautiful relaxing day watching my fabulous daughter do very clever and special things.


  1. Oh my goodness, I was on the edge of my seat yesterday and now I am even more exicted for you!

    (Hope the calisthenics shalisthenics thingo goes well, but I am much more 'cited about the DEAL!)

  2. Oh yaY yay yay yay! First step publishing, next domination! I'm so excited for you :D. I hope Tahlias calithenics goes well today :).

  3. Talk about making us suffer.

    I'll come on the shows and hold your hand if you like. No? Oh, okay then.


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