Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 293

After the events of the week I got the migraine I just had to have yesterday. It's the one that comes with stress wind down. The relief. The coming down off a high. The one I get just because it's time. So although the calisthenics competition was beautiful and I was a very proud parent in the audience (Tahlia of course was heavenly on stage), it was with relief that I came home, took two VERY POWERFUL pain killers and crawled into bed. Husband took care of the kids and somehow Tahlia managed to wash out her own matted stage hair and took of her own layers of stage makeup, and I fell into a relieved sleep at 6.30, waking only to eat a steak at around 8.00pm and then promptly fell back asleep again until 6.30 this morning. I have woken up headache free (although a little cloudy) and am now getting ready to head back to the other side of town to do my calisthenics duty (canteen cow) for the day. Is it wrong to already be looking forward to crawling back into bed at 6.30 again tonight?


  1. Not wrong at all. Me too. Glad she did well......and I hope the cloud lifts for you.....

  2. I can understand why the migrane happened. I am very pleased with yesterdays post, fabulous news, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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