Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 294

That's a quote by Henry David Thoreau who was (among other things) a poet and a philosopher in America in the 1800's. I don't really know what he means by "unexpected incommon hours" but I can tell you one thing, when you have been striving towards a dream with the intensity and the belief and the passion that I have, you can go into shock at the other end. On Friday I went through a stage when I went completely cold (bone cold) and started shaking uncontrollably. It lasted about 20 minutes. I was in shock. It makes you wonder why, when I have had absolute belief the whole way through, that getting the result I was aiming for would send me into shock. Strange. Perhaps it was just relief that my belief in self was well foundered or something.
Anyway, it's all happening at that's great. Time to move on to something else to talk about.


What do I do when I've got nothing to write about? I got to either my trusty "things to do now that you're 40" book or I start reading the pull tab thingos off my Libra feminine hygiene products.

Let's start with the book. The advice for this 40 year old today is:

Yeah, yeah. Like that is going to happen today. Got year 4 literacy, then home to choreograph new bit for cheerleading (and fold washing) and then back to school for cheer practice. Oh, plus I have to get the contracts off to NYC today and send roughs done by illustrator to Mr Publisher for his approval. No bike riding in countryside today. Maybe tomorrow ... will make a note :)

Let's go to the toilet reading.

When I first read that I read it as wanton (with an "a") which made the literal meaning seem very very strange. "She was a wanton woman". I thought that meant like frisky, playful and perhaps a bit loose in her morals. So now I am picturing this burlesque looking chick in a bustier and cinched waist eating cotton wool balls. But of course the Libra Odd Spot didn't say wanton at all ... it said wonton (with an "o") which of course is one of those Chinese pork filled dumplings you get floating in your soup or that you get served with your dim sum or yum cha. So now it makes a bit more sense to be eating little clouds ...

So, with all that said, I have nothing else to talk about. No more inspiration. No my pearls of wisdom or gossip. Yep, I'm feeling a bit flat. A bit dull, colourless and boring. It's Monday. Is it possible I have Mondayitis ... or have I perhaps just fallen back to Earth with a thud. Not sure. Either way, I'd better get my day underway. I need to divulge in apple appreciation hour and perhaps take the dog for a walk. That might get the mojo flowing.

Oh, here's one more gem for you before I go ... (thank you Libra).
Thank goodness for Louisiana


  1. YOu may be sUffering from mondayitis but reading this post just starved off my mondayitis! Thanks for making me smile ( and I hope you blah blows off in the wind during your run and you have a great day ahead :). (sorry for the weird caps locks, iPhone perhaps has Mondayitis...hmm)

  2. Weird about going into shock. Hope all is all better now.

    And I did chuckle at the wonton/wanton thing.

    I once was on a forum where a (very annoying) contributor used to get all narky about other poeples "wonton disregard the basics of grammer and spelling". I kid you not. xx

  3. And thank goodness for Libra.
    This wanton woman has a craving for little white clouds now...

  4. I loved the Louisiana quote. Awesomeness.

    I'm not at all surprised. You are fantastic. I'm working away.


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