Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 296

I am having a minor meltdown. Just a small one. Well, it could turn out to be a big one if I don't take control of myself quickly.

I don't have an illustrator for my book!! I had one, but now I don't. I just found out. He sent me an email. Yikes!!

You see I need someone who can dedicate a month to their art without getting paid. I don't mean I won't pay them ever, what I mean is I can't pay them up front but instead would share the royalties. Anyway, I had an illustrator and now I don't. It's not his fault by the way. He still has to earn an income and all that, and couldn't do that by dedicating a month to my book. So, you see, I'm not upset with him. I just thought I had an illustrator and now I don't. So I'm feeling a bit "worried". And at the risk of sounding completely stupid and "raw" I have no clue as to what that now means for me as an "about to be published author".

Enter instant headache.

Enter my now all too familiar stomach cramps.

Enter heart palpitations.

Cue calming deep breaths.

Right then! I need to pull out some "all out massive action". I need to talk to everyone I know about everyone they know. I need to have a chat to the local art schools and university. I need to refocus my attentions and open the gateways to new opportunity. I suppose I could even check the yellow pages? Oh ... and I guess I should talk to Mr Publisher. I guess he would normally handle this sort of thing?

This is not how I thought I would be starting my day.

I think I might go for a very vigorous bike ride around the lake as soon as the sun rises. That might take care of the unaligned energies coursing through my body right now ...


  1. All happens for a reason - repeat 100 times!

  2. I swear I commented here this morning! weird. Fingers crossed for you my friend that you sort this out with little stress :)

  3. Wow the blogosphere and the wonders of email are fabulous things. Thank you to JBS and Lucy (via email) for being immediate lights at the end of my tunnel this morning. Mrs Woog, I have repeated it about 1000 and it is working. And yes Jen, it is only a little stress. Onwards and upwards!!! I have had fabulous support all around me and I am very VERY grateful. I am sure I will find an illustrator very soon :)


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