Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 297

After mild panic yesterday, what was originally looking like a fairly major challenge has turned into a wonderful opportunity. I put it out to the universe and the universe listened! There are plenty of illustrators out there wanting this fantastic opportunity to be part of the "Yes I Can" series. Not only am I convinced I'll have a new illustrator for My Happy Gift by the end of this week (I am looking forward to seeing the roughs come in over the next couple of days) but I now have a database of people for the rest of my series! Wow. What an incredible journey this is turning out to be.

Now let's get onto the really important things for a Thursday. Fat to Fit.

Yes, in the middle of all this I have been doing a bit of the fitness thing. Let's just ignore the fact that I made the best cauliflower au gratin EVER last night (with three types of cheese) and was still sticking my fingers in the pot at 10.00pm last night. And we'll also ignore the fact that I had ice cream and then a wonderful smooth and delicious Lindt ball (a gift from year 3 literacy). And instead let's rejoice that the fundraising chocolate boxes with their evil Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas have finally disappeared and I can now get back to my original non-chocoholic way of life. (Lindt doesn't count ... it is far too pretty and heavenly to be sinful.)

So, what have I actually done worthy of a Fat to Fit shout out? On Monday I went for a 2km jog (with Max the hip gyrating dog in tow), on Tuesday I did my sit ups and dips and stuff, and on Wednesday I went for a very vigorous and speedy 5km bike ride. I know I know. 2km, a few dips, and 5km isn't much. It definitely isn't boot camp that's for sure. But given my winter slump of late I figured I had to start back somewhere. Plus it's been a hell of a busy week so I am kinda impressed I squeezed exercise in at all! So watch this space for an improvement of the next few weeks!

So, am I worthy to partake in Fat to Fit?


  1. AWesoMe that you sorted put a new illustrator already and have a databank of them now! Yay! :). Well done on the exercise, sounds to me like you've qualified for fat to fit :)

  2. HI Leanne,

    Its still in the pipeline so to say, that is the property. I am about to put my own house on the market. I have made an offer and it is now with the universe, if it is meant to be, it will be!!!!


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