Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 299

Does anyone know how to speak computer? More specifically, does anyone know how to speak Outlook?

I've had such a smooth run for about four years with my laptop and now things are starting to get dodgy. I've managed to type off the letters on my keyboard meaning my keys are now nude (lucky I'm a touch typist) and a couple of buttons have even flung off completely because of the sheer speed that my fingers race across the keyboard (yes, I am full of myself). But neither of those things are bothering me too much (and besides, I tried to get them fixed under the extended warranty I had purchased but they are considered "wear and tear" and aren't bloody covered and when I asked how long a laptop should be expected to last they said "around 3 years". Seriously. $2000 for a 3 year life span! Did I say I wasn't bothered? I lied a little ...)

So what is really bothering me? A freakin Outlook pop up that stalks me. In three years it has never been there but now it is there all the bloody time. It's something to do with my Outlook password. I'll be typing away at that aforementioned touch typing speed and suddenly it is there and not only does it wink at me it takes over my keyboard and what ever I am typing suddenly bounces into it's little password box and my words go in there instead!! Well, they go in there as pesky little ***** because my password is TOP SECRET and this is the disguise it wears. Like dark glasses. No one can recognise it in its sunglasses.

Anyway, this pop up keeps appearing with something to do with the POP Server and I have to keep typing my password and it shits me. And then this morning as I am sending out this SOS to you guys to see if someone knows how to fix it, I'm waiting for it to appear so I can tell you exactly what it is and it has gone into hiding. Typical.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I am talking about? Would love some advice before I throw this computer out the window ...

Ten Minutes Later:
The pop up arrived after I said "publish Post".

Ok, so it says Enter Network Password, and then please type your user name and password. It says the server is "pop-server etc" and then it has my user name in there already, and the password is already there in its **** disguise, and then I have to just press OK or cancel. But why does it keep appearing? Why after all these years is it appearing now? And why do I have to keep pressing OK? And then sometimes OK isn't good enough. It DEMANDS I rewrite my password. Seriously frustrating ... sorry ... fascinating stuff ....


  1. Oh. Poor lady. I hope someone knows what to do! Hopefully this SOS works.

  2. My suggestion would be to totally remove the email account and set it up again from scratch......

  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too Lucy. Does that mean I lose all my contacts etc though? That would suck. Got hundreds of business, friends and cheerleading contacts in there.


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