Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 302

The kids and I were in the car on the way to the mall when that pearl slipped out. We had their cousins with us. The beauty of the statement wasn't what was said, but the way it came out. We had been talking about the fact that Darby was a bit on the nose of late and given the crowds of cars that were lining up to get into the carpark, perhaps he should jump out and let one slip so we could cruise on through for poll position while everyone else flee'd the area. Everyone including Darby thought that was very funny. Even he agreed that it was a bit rough that my afternoon tea guest had walked head first into one of his fluffy floaties as she entered our house the day before. We decided it must have been the baked beans he'd had for breakfast. He made a decision he probably shouldn't eat baked beans on school days, just in school holidays. Yes, we all agreed.

Now, we've talked at length before about how farts are funny. We talked about it here and again here. Those posts brought with them a barrage of emails of fellow farters wanting to share their fart stories. It was a long week .... But what makes Darby's conversation so endearing for me, is that he was so bloody serious when discussing it.

So here we are outside the mall having suggested he fart and part the red sea, and we all laughed (including Darby) and then he got really serious. He discussed the baked beans and the need to perhaps not eat them on school days. I then tried to make light of it all again and said "so, with all this farting Darby, who do you think you take after ... Mum or Dad?"

Oh Dad. Definitely Dad. His cousins and I giggled but he was dead serious. You could see the concentration and deep thought in his eyes. He was analysing something in his mind and whatever it was it was important. As we cruised the car park looking for a space he said "Mum, Dad says his farts just slip out, but I reckon they're forced". LOL.

"Why do you say that mate?"

"Well, because you can just hear it. The way it comes out. It sounds like he is using all his muscles to push it out."

"Yes Dude, you're probably right".

Ahh the wonders and the beauty of an innocent child mind. So much to think about, so much to learn, so much analysis needed. So many more pearls to come and so much more farting to do. And yes, despite the seriousness of that conversation, farts are still funny ...


  1. Hmmm. This could be so hilarious if you discover that the Husband is actually staging his farts. Wouldn't that be fun? My dad was always like, "leave the room and go to the bathroom" Now he can't help it and I can't stop giggling when it rips away accidentally.

    And he pretends it didn't happen.

  2. Yes! I love fart talk. Gots to tell you my story! Before kids, my hub and I would take a lot of road trips when travelling. Often, we would play Hangman to pass the time. Hubs was driving. I set up a Hangman and told him the word was "an event." Eventually, his man was hung - he didn't ever guess the word. The word was "fart." Then ensued a lengthy debate over whether a fart is an event. I do believe it is.


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