Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 300

Look at that! Day 300. I am 40 years and 300 days old. Only another 65 days left until 41 and I can officially stop blogging. My goal was to blog every day for my 40th year. That task seemed huge when I started, but to be absolutely honest with you, it hasn't been that difficult and it has really slowed the journey down. Blogging has become a trusted and much anticipated friend that I get the pleasure of daily. Sure, occasionally you wish they'd piss off and leave you alone to sleep, but they give you a reason to get your day started and the purpose alone is worth it. And writing about life, the Universe, saggy boobs and chin hair really helps appreciate each day. I find myself finding wonder and awe (and humour) in just about everything! Well I have to. I am always trying to find something to bloody blog about ...

So what am I doing to celebrate Day 300? Well, I am sitting here typing this in Dad's office at the farm. I am looking at the sun trying to peak through the winter clouds over the hill in the distance, at the gum trees rustling in the winter wind, the kids ponies eating grass, birds hopping through the grass and I'm listening to the kids potter about with Nanny and Pop in the kitchen and a single car hum along the country road. And I can smell the glorious wafts of a cooked breakfast.

With everything that has been going on over the last few weeks I decided I needed to get out of my house. Derek whole heartedly agreed ... in a good way. Not in a "yes, get the hell out" kind of a way but in a "I think the rest will do you good" kinda way. I just can't seem to relax at home at the moment. Everywhere I look something needs to be done, and every thought I think leads to action, action, action. And I am just bloody tired, and headachey all the time, and a little bit intolerant, so an escape was definitely in order. Plus Tahlia has been hounding me to get back to her pony, and Darby likes the adventure of walking around the paddocks, so we packed an overnight bag and here we are.

Since arriving yesterday I haven't quite managed to switch off, but I have managed to slow down. I've been studying for my cheer credentialling test next weekend (I will finally become a qualified cheer coach) and I've been sitting around without chores to do. I also got to talk on the phone for over an hour to a good friend who I hadn't chatted to in months (that would have been impossible at home) and I've been reading a novel. And although I am on Dad's computer right now, I'm not glued to it as I am at home. So all in all it's been a good 24 hours.

What's in store for the rest of this lazy Sunday? Well, this arvo I am having a study session with the other two cheer coaches, and then I am off for a massage and home to a husband cooked meal before a spa bath, kid cuddles and bed. Sounds pretty decent.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Please do not tell me you are going to stop blogging when you hit 41?

  2. congrats on 300 days. so, will you stop after 365? or have you found you like it enough to keep going?

  3. It will be a bit hard to stop I think. I might just have to keep it up. What do you think? Let's see if I still have anything to talk about ... ;)


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