Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 303

I'm talking to myself. Constantly. Inside my head and out. The outside talk is kinda tame compared to what is going on inside my mind. I think I may be going insane. I'm having internal conversations as both coach and client. Yes, I'm coaching myself as I would a client and it's making for some pretty interesting self talk!

Why? Well because I need to make a major decision about my book. As you know I lost my illustrator, so this time last week I went out to the blogosphere (was it really only a week ago?) and put out an SOS. Bingo! The Blog Gods heard me and some truly beautiful and talented people entered my world. Combine that with the wonders of the email network and I suddenly went from no illustrator to choice. So much choice. And that my friends is where I started to become unstuck. I have all this choice. So many different styles, so much talent, so many factors to take into consideration, so much to think about. And that was my undoing. I started thinking about it! I started thinking about good business sense, about accessibility, about what kids would prefer, about what teachers would prefer, what parents would like and forgot all about what drove me to write the story in the first place. A need for heart.

Anyway, after days of torturous over analysis and a sleepless night of self coaching, yesterday I took two of the samples to the school. My heart picture and my head picture. The one that I was personally drawn to the most and which I felt displayed the true heart of the story (whose creator lives on the other side of the world), and also the one that I thought would appeal to the kids, the cheeky one, the one that had colour and a bit of fun (whose creator lives 10 minutes away). I walked into a year 4 classroom and the voting began. I repeated this with another year 4 class and a year 5 class. It didn't take long to tally the votes ...

Brain begone! Enter heart ...

95% of all students went with my heart picture. The teachers and I looked at each other in wonder. Well, wadda ya know?

So now that I have my answer I would like my self talk to settle down. I would like my head to stop spinning, for the headaches to disappear and the sleep to return. But first I have to break the news to my local illustrator that I am going overseas. And then I have to work out the challenge of actually doing business on the other side of the world with someone I have never met and with whom I know very little about! But for those of you who know me, I love a good challenge. And besides, my heart says it is all going to be ok ...

So thanks for your help coach. The cheque is in the mail.


  1. I for one cannot WAIT to see the illustrations! Glad all the self talk ended up with a perfect heart solution.

  2. And kids are the best audience as they don't overthinking decisions they just ho with their gut :). I cannot wait to see them either, the whole book actually! :D. Ps I gotta say I love the new addition at the top of your sidebar :) will it be available in time to buy for Christmas? :)

  3. I'm sorry for the bad spelling :( iPhone is freezing And mucking words up alot this morn. Grrr

  4. Publisher hoping it will be out by Christmas but there is always fine print. Aiming for that result anyway!! Will let you know when and where you can buy :)

  5. Don't you just love the blogosphere? Can't WAIT to see the illustrations! Yay, YOU!!

  6. Wow, heart rules. Next time my head and heart are arguing over a decision I'm going to make sure my heart reminds my head of this post.

  7. Yay for the blogosphere for saving the day!

  8. I could SCREAM!! I know some very fabulous stories about someone. I also know some very embarrassing ones. But I won't tell. I am very excited and happy though.

    Sometimes it takes a while for my whole system to calm down. Longer than I like. I think of it as my body throwing a tantrum at me for putting it through crappy stress. I hope you can chillax soon, and it will forgive you.



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