Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 304

I slept like a baby! Ten hours of wrapped in a doona bliss. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, the flannel sheets were far too heavenly. Ahhh the relief of a decision made. Mind unloaded.

Until the next mind loading issue ...

I have got my cheer coach credentialling exam this weekend. Yikes!! And if that isn't important enough we are taking 90 cheerleaders to Sydney this weekend for a NSW state competition. And if that isn't enough one of our cheerleaders has pulled out of one of the teams and I have today only to change the routine to factor that in. Ah yes. The need for constant challenges.

Now of course, with all this carry on this week I've done NO EXERCISE! Well, Mum and I went for a bit of a power walk/jog on Sunday around the hilly country roads. I think we did around 6 km, but you can chop the jog off that little achievement given I only ran about 600 metres of that. The wind was so strong it was like jogging standing still! Anyway, I have woken up to write about Fat to Fit and discovered I've done zip, zilch, zero, naught, nil, nothing, nadda. Oh, but I did cut down on my food this week. No eating in between meals, nothing but green tea and crispbread for breakfast, salads for lunch and a standard "I will not have seconds" dinner.

And boy did I sleep well last night. That's got to count for something?!


  1. Yes. That counts for TONS! I'm so glad you've had a good sleep.

    me reading late + across the globe you + comment on yesterday + new post immediately = MAGIC

    It's like I did something to help! And it's already done! ;)

  2. Best of luck for the exam!

    Congrats on getting great sleep.

    SSG xxx


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