Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 305

The hiccup

Not the metaphorical hiccup that translates to challenge, but the actual hiccup that leads to body convulsions and a tight chest.

I have always been the master of hiccup removal. I can totally psyche out the best of the hiccups. Usually I can say to people (with the hiccups) “go on … hiccup .. I dare you to hiccup … go on … do it .. I bet you can’t hiccup … “ Yadda, yadda, yadda. And of course with all that pressure they can’t do it. Hiccups gone. My job done.

So here I am with husband and we are talking hiccups. He has them. I don’t. He is gulping his drink and ends up with hiccups and I try to psych him out of them. It doesn’t work. So I decide to go to my back up plan. Scaring the BeHiccup out of him. If you can’t psych it out of ‘em, scare the fuckity fuckits out of them. Ok. So I am about to do that, when he does it himself. BOOOOOO! Shit. I sharted. Time for underwear change. Are you serious? I didn’t actually have the hiccups. You did! Oh yeah. That’s right. Do you still have the hiccups? Nope? I actually scared myself.

Nice work. Team work at its best. Well done husband …


  1. Gawd I hate hiccups. The baby in my belly has them. It makes my whole body move! Congratulations on your publishing contract.. is this new news or did I miss something? Anyways, it is great news - you must be stoked! xx

  2. "If you can’t psych it out of ‘em, scare the fuckity fuckits out of them" Hilarious. x


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