Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 306

Yesterday I had a bit of a couch day. Well, a couch morning. I woke up unwell - probably stress related. So my bestie over in PA gave me permission (via Skype) to ditch the work I had lined up for myself and just relax. So I did! At some point I decided to study for my cheer coach credentialing test which is today. I had to clarify a few things. Nothing the coaches DVD and a bit of Professor Google couldn't fix. I learned a lot. Stuff I didn't know before and stuff I probably didn't need to know. For example, while asking Prof Goog the following question: "cheerleading - what is prone position?" I was offered a site that said (and I quote) "lesbian cheerleaders - sex positions for the car - prone position." I did not enter that site. I felt I probably wouldn't be tested about lesbian cheerleaders and the challenges of car sex.

After sticking my nose in a book for an hour and getting all the answers for my test sheet I headed off to a study session with fellow coaches. After comparing our answers we all agreed that we were on the right track. The test was ours!! We're going to totally blitz it. So we headed home in 3 different directions to officially put our answers on the "answer sheet" ready to hand in this arvo. That's when the confusion set in. The answer sheet did not marry up well with the test sheets. What the?! A few phone calls and a cruise around the internet discovered we had last year's tests. They've all been changed. We needed to start again. Shit.

So it is with that in mind that I am ditching you now to study. I have a test to complete and a practical hands-on exam to study for. I'm a bit nervous. I have a two hour session this afternoon to prove that I know stuff like prone position. (Get your mind out of the gutter. I am not referring to car sex positions for lesbian cheerleaders.)

PS It amazes me just how specific that is ... why only lesbian cheerleaders? Well according to Prof Goog (and again I quote) You don't have to be a cheerleader to try these out, but it helps to be limber. ...

PPS Wish us luck this weekend. It's not all exams and car sex. The kids have got the NSW State Cheerleading Comp in Sydney tomorrow. This is one very excited, and slightly anxious cheer coach. Bring it on!!


  1. I always get a laugh when I search Flickr for pictures. The strangest things will pull up stupid unrelated pictures. I've learned a few that seem to be worse than others, but every once in a while I forget to phrase catering to the search engine instead of whatever comes out of my mouth.

  2. You amaze me. Good luck to them all, and of course to you. xx

  3. Good luck with the test and the competition :). I bet you will totally sweep the floor with both of them :).

  4. Two, four, six, eight, I hope your girls do really great!! Seriously, hope it's a blast!

  5. Thats so funny about finding a lesbian site, imagine when I am doing computing with kids and they put in whopping instead of whooping Cranes!!!

    The best of luck!!!


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