Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 307

Shhh. Be very very quiet.

I am in Sydney sharing a hotel room and people I am with are not early risers.

Today is our cheer comp. The nerves are starting to set in, but unlike last year when I was a lone coach on our first interstate comp trip, this year I have other coaches, a shitload of wonderfully supportive team mums coordinating make up and stuff, and I'm an old hand. So my nerves are only flutterbys rather than full-on valium-required anxieties.

So with that said I'd better sign off, get my head in the game, (go to the toilet), hop back in bed for a bit and let these sleeping beauties sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow.

OH!! I nearly forgot. I passed the credentialing exam!! Well, the practical part anyways. That was the bit I was worried about the most. The written test gets sent to the USA for marking but I'm pretty sure I blitzed that.
Level 2 Cheer Coach. Woot Woot!!

Happy Sunday ya'll.

My Sunday Citar:

“The written word will outlive you. Put your thoughts and experiences on paper as an affirmation to self and as inspiration to others. This is your legacy.”

- Leanne Shea Langdown -


  1. Shhhhhh!

    Love your citar. Well done on the passing of the exam!

  2. CONGRATS!! Now, go get that cheerleading trophy!! Good luck!!

  3. HELLO!
    *oh. sorry. i'll whisper.*

    *love the citar*

  4. Good Luck for today. I hope everyone has fun. Congratulations on passing the practical.

  5. You are so good, still finding time to blog while in a hotel room with sleeping people! Have fun!!


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