Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 309

The problem with doona days in winter is that you don't want them to end!

At least I have woken up today without too much sinus pain which is a bonus.

It's raining. Really really raining. I have a friend who will often strip naked and dance in the rain in her backyard. Albeit of an evening when it is dark. But she does it none-the-less. Something to do with cleansing her spirit or something. She also does interesting things during a full moon. Not sure what is in store when it is raining on a full moon, but 'd pay $100 to attend. It would give me something to write about (oh look, I am already writing about it ... no need for the $100).

I'm not sure I want to put my neighbours through a jiggly rain dance but I may go out and walk in the rain today. Fully clothed. It looks kind of peaceful. It also looks kinda cold. And I guess my hair would go all frizzy. Hmmm.

What to do, what to do?

I think I might just crawl back under that doona.

PS Of course I won't. Got a life that needs living. But another 5 minutes won't hurt ...


  1. It's definitely a doona day here today. Horrible. Cold, raining, freezing. And yet here I sit fully dressed, coffee in hand, children at school. Maybe it's not so bad...

  2. It ended up being a beautiful day here in sunny old Adelaide.....but tomorrow is another day....


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