Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 310

Oh finger nail, finger nail, where for art thou finger nail?

Crunched up on the floor of a year 5 classroom.

Yesterday I dashed from school to attend my long awaited manicure. My nails were a mess and it was time to revitalise them and add some summer colour to this dreary ol' winter. My beautiful new coral coloured talons lasted ... ohhh ... around 3 hours ... before I got my finger jammed in a year 5 classroom door and my nail got ripped to shreds. OUCH!!!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... ugar!!!!!

I guess I am over dramatising it a bit. I mean, the whole nail didn't come off. Just the talon bit. But the door bit it way down to the nail bed and took a big bite of my finger with it leaving me with a bruise/blood blister. The bastard!! And now I have one finger with a short arse nail ruining my perfect summer manicure. At least I have another 9 in tact I suppose, and I got to keep my finger tip.

Not so for a year 5 boy last week. He seriously did get the top of his finger bitten off by a similar door. They are some sort of security doors that click shut with force. His finger was like mine ... trailing in a bit slow on the entrance ... and the very tip of his finger was chopped. It was straight to a waiting ambulance for him. He's ok. He didn't even cry! I bet he felt like swearing though, and I bet his word of choice wouldn't have been sugar.

Anyway. Now that I have written this and told you about a kid with a partially severed finger it makes my finger nail seem a bit princess like. So I'll shut up now and stop sulking.


  1. Remin d me one day to tell you about my 'finger in ths door' story......

    Did they sew his finger tip back on?!

  2. They tried apparently but couldn't. It was only a small piece that created a bit of a "flap". Not sure of the end result because the kids version of the story is monstrous and I can't quite work out fact from fiction :)

  3. Ouch. Both for you and the now fingertipless boy.

  4. I have a confession, I chopped (acciddentaly) the very tip of my younger brothers finger off with a chaff cutter. Horrible I know!!!!!!!!!!


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