Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 311

My husband calls my handbag the Tardis - the time machine from Dr Who.

Why? Because the Tardis is only the size of a phone booth on the outside but once you get inside it's the size of a warehouse. Yep, I guess he's right. That's my handbag. I did a post about the contents of my handbag early in the year, you can read about it here.

Well the Tardis continues to live up to its reputation. On the weekend as we cleaned up at the hotel and got ready to head to the cheerleading event I must have thrown a few random bits and pieces into bags as we walked out the door. One of these random bits and pieces was my little jewelry bag which held two pairs of earrings - mine and Tahlia's. It was a decent size jewelry bag, about the size of a large coin purse. Anyway, when we got back to Canberra we couldn't find it. I searched through the Tardis, and through the suitcase, in my computer bag and in my cheer bag. And then I searched through them all again. Last night I rang the hotel to see if it had been handed in. The earrings weren't overly expensive, but Tahlia's had sentimental value. Her calisthenics coach had given them to her earlier this year as a good luck/well done gift during her calo solo competition. She wanted them back (obviously).

Anywho, you know where all this is leading.

It ended up that they were in my handbag all along. Once I emptied it out I found the bright red pouch AND a few other gems such as a container of sherbet given to me by the kids for Mothers Day (does sherbet go off?), a shopping list from two months ago that funnily enough is applicable for my shopping trip this week, and the nasal spray I had misplaced meaning I forked out another $50 for a new script last week.

I declare today CLEAN OUT YOUR HANDBAG DAY! Surely I'm not the only untidy handbag swine around?


  1. Haha, i know this feeling, I cleaned mine out the other day and got a few surprises!

  2. Hahhhah, I am a bag neat freak. Mine is done already!

  3. It is the only area of my life where I take a minimalist approach. On the days I don't need a nappy bag, I am loving the simplicity of a wallet, keys, sunglasses and mobile phone.


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