Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 313

My post will be late. Why? Because it is Saturday. I am going back to bed ...

A few hours later.

Ok, I'm up!! And I am completely energised. There is a light at the end of my "my house is a pigsty" tunnel which has motivated me to walk purposefully towards said light. It's amazing what a little beacon can do to get you started. Let me explain ...

Since working at the school, signing the publishing contract, going interstate for cheerleading championships, running my business and trying to still spend quality time with my kids and pay attention to their activities, my housework has gone to shit. Hey, why do I feel the need to justify myself up front? I'm trying to portray a wonder woman persona with excuses for shitful house. Forget all that. I should just say "my house has gone to shit" and be done with it. No excuses. No "I'm too fabulously busy to be fudged with the house work". It just isn't a priority. I have chosen not to do it. That simple.

You all know the story. Many of us live it. Housework sucks and there are plenty of other things to be doing. Plus, it's never ending!! What's the point? You just finishing cleaning and you have to start again.

When I worked full time I never had to worry about my housework, because no one actually lived in my home. Derek worked. I worked. The kids were either at daycare or school or after school care. No one was home, so no mess was made. Our home hours were spent sleeping. Easy. All I needed to do each day before I left for work was clean the toilets, make the beds, stack the dishwasher, and turn on Roomba (the robotic carpet sweeper). Then on weekends I would clean the shower while in it, wipe out the bath as the water disappeared down the gurgling drain, and dust occasionally. Sounds easy. It seemed to be. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I also paid a cleaner to come in once a month to do the rest. Yes, I did forget that bit .... how convenient.

Over the past few years since joining the SAHM community and running a part-time business from home, I have had a little method to house cleaning. 15 minutes of tidying every day. And one day a week I would do something else like vacuum, dust, wipe down cupboards, wipe our fridge etc. The whole thing only took half an hour a day. (Except for washing ... that is a WHOLE other story.) Anyway, my little ritual has gone to the dogs (metaphorically) and my house is a disaster zone. I can't escape it. I am living in filth.

Enter a client who says "Leanne, I know the most fabulous cleaner!" Enter my mother who says "I will help you clean". Enter Derek who says "Let's clean out Darby's cupboards together". And BINGO! Bright shining light appears at the end of the my-house-is-a-hovel tunnel. Suddenly I am keen to get cleaning. Now that I know it doesn't all have to be me me me! Woo hooooo!!

So yesterday Mum came across with her fabulously sucky vacuum ( and I mean sucky in a great vacuum way, not in a "this sucks" kinda way) and while I vacuumed up half a building site worth of grit, Mum got to washing the cedar blinds. And in amongst all of this the cleaner lady rang me (at the insistence of my client) and she has booked me in for a regular monthly cleaning slot. And Mum is coming back next week to do more cedars. And Derek, Darby and I are spending our morning pulling out all of Darby's preschool toys and getting ready to sell them (with Darby's approval) so that we can actually move around freely in his bedroom again. AND I actually wiped down the kitchen cupboards because that task didn't seem quite as onerous as it did a day ago. All in all it's fabulous!

Thank you shining light and for all those that flicked the switch.

And thank you for my little sleep in.

I think it's time to dance now ....


  1. Can I borrow your mother, husband and cleaner? Thanks!

    The light at the end of my tunnel appears to be a train.

  2. So jealous.

    Might have to do a Flylady and attack my sink today....


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