Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 315

Note to self. Don't go to meetings unless you (a) have all the time in the world to go to meetings and (b) plan to take on board more in your life. Or if you are me, don't go to meetings unless you are prepared to project management yet another project. FFS.

As you all know Tahlia does calisthenics. She is very clever at it. She loves it! Until now I have avoided any involvement in the club. I pay my fees, sequin a few costumes occasionally, do my alloted volunteer work at comps, give gifts to the coaches at the end of the year, and simply turn up to watch the kids perform at each competition. That's enough isn't it? Surely. But I was tagged by someone via email to step up and become part of the concert organising committee for this year. I tried to get out of it. I used the whole author, cheer coach, business owner, teacher's aide bit, but to no avail. Apparently everyone has legitimate time constraint excuses. And apparently I have never stepped up to do a proper job before. Really? Oh .....

So yesterday (yes, a Sunday) I turned up for the committee meeting hoping to sit quietly in a corner and just nod politely when anyone looked at me. Instead I ended up taking the minutes, becoming the booking/seating coordinator, agreeing to waitress on the night, volunteered my husband for head of security, am the main point of contact for the entire event, and a whole host of other things I can't even remember right now but which I am sure will come to light once I type up the minutes and see how many times my name is highlighted.

Sigh. I keep asking myself why I do this. No real answer. Apparently NO just isn't in my vocabulary.


Can someone please stop this roller coaster so I can disembark ...


  1. Guilt. It is all driven by guilt. No idea why. But I have to zip off. I have a kindy committee meeting to chair. Which I SWORE I would NEVER get involved with...

  2. I got a laugh with what I assumed the FFS stood for.


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