Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 316

Great things happen when you take the time to smell the roses.

Yesterday morning it took far too long to get out the door as usual and I was getting a little irritated by the end. I was meeting a friend for lunch for her birthday so really wanted to buy flowers for her on the way to school. Tahlia came to me when we were already 10 minutes behind schedule to ask if I could do her hair in a "messy bun". She'd had French braids in her hair all weekend which meant her hair was now all squiggly and spirally which usually made for a great flower looking bun in her hair. I said "Darling, you had all morning to ask for that, I can't do it now, we're late." I then continued to stomp around the house in a loud heavy footed "we're so late" manner. But then I stopped, took a deep breath and thought "why am I putting so much pressure on everyone?" I figured I could get the flowers after the literacy workshop, before I went and had my nail repaired (the severed talon which the door bit off the other day) and in plenty of time for my luncheon. "OK sweety, Mummy will do your hair". Five minutes later she had a beautiful flower like creation on her head, complete with squiggly tendrils falling around her face.

Fast forward to the end of my literacy workshop. I'd sent the kids back to their classrooms and was continuing the "stop rushing, slow down, smell the roses" self talk. I walked outside and took some big breaths of fresh air and made myself walk slowly and pleasantly towards the back of the school. Plenty of time. Stop doing this bull at a gate stuff all day everyday. Take is slowly. It was with that taking-my-time attitude that allowed a teacher to see me and excitedly pull me into the school hall where Tahlia was having her portrait cartooned by a well known Australian children's book author/illustrator. Huh! We had an author in our midst and he had chosen Tahlia to be his model to show kids how easy it was to cartoon people.

The school bell rang for recess within two minutes of my arrival, and again I am thinking "thank goodness ... gonna be late ... gotta get flowers ...". But as the children filed out of the hall Tahlia grabbed my hand to take me up to the author. I spoke to him briefly about his picture of my daughter. He explained that he had chosen her because of her smile and of her amazing hair do. Was I a hair dresser? I started to leave thinking of my now urgent need to get to the florist. But as Tahlia skipped out the door to join her friends, I turned on my heel and walked back to Mr Famous Author. Let the networking begin.

I spoke to him about my book. We talked and talked. Well, for 5 minutes anyway. He was full of congratulations and complete encouragement about the fact my first book is coming out. He was in awe that I cracked the US market straight away as that took him a long time to do. He told me how he actually self-published his first book in a print house here in Australia's Capital City because no one would take his work and because he believed in it so strongly. He talked to me about positive psychology literacy and how there is a big need for it but a gaping hole. He also explained that positive psychology doesn't fit neatly into a genre for Australian publishers so they don't know what to do with it, how to package it etc. And then he said "but you know this already don't you?" Yes. I do. And then he handed me his business card to continue networking with him and to please ring him to visit his office and studios in Melbourne if ever I am down that way. I absolutely will!

And then I left to buy the flowers. And when I did, I stopped and I smelled them. Just like I realised I had been doing all morning which is why I was given an opportunity I would otherwise have missed if I'd continued on my heavy footed bull charging pursuit through the day. And I decided that when I don't have flowers to smell I will create flowers from beautiful gold hair tendrils so that at least someone else will feel the benefits of flower smelling.

Have you smelt the roses today?

PS I made it to my nail appointment 10 minutes late, but my nail technician was late too, so it didn't matter! And lunch was beautiful. Ann loved her flowers :) She smelt them the moment I gave them to her ....

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  1. I love this. You make my day. I am going to log off right now, on that postive note, before I read anything else that might taint how nice your blog always makes me feel. Thank you. xx


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