Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 317


I hated filing when at work. I hate filing when at home.

I guess that is why my cupboards are a bit untidy. Because when it's all said and done it's just another form of filing. Linen, plastic containers, kitchen utensils, food, clothes. It's all filing.

Today I am going to file my actual filing. You know, the paperwork and stuff. The kitchen bench does not a filing cabinet make. It's time to get some order.

Yesterday I tried to put some order in my towels in the linen closet. I started to "file" by colour and then thought "they're towels". It doesn't matter what colour they are. They all serve the same purpose. Just file them under T for towel. So I did.

I looked in my "tupperware" cupboard the other day and almost cried. I used to have a great filing system going in there. But there are too many cooks in my kitchen who don't understand my system. And now it is a pile of plastic rubble. I'm not innocent. I gave up the fight too easily and joined in the slaughter. I took the path of least resistance I guess.

Filing. When it's written in a resume you spruce up the term by calling it "information management". That is legitimate for the paper (and electronic) filing. It is the management of your information. Also true for the "tupperware" and towels I guess. When you look into a cupboard of neatly arranged items your brain can manage the information a lot easier than if it is in disarray. When in disarray your brain computes clutter, disorganisation and chaos.

No wonder I am experiencing periods of overload.

It's all about the filing.

Sigh. I hate filing. But it's got to be done ...

PS Of course I hate filing. I have no choice. I keep saying it enough. So I will change my mantra. I LOVE filing!! I LOVE filing and today I will become the information management queen!! Yeah right ...


  1. Touch that item only once - deal then bin, or deal then file.

  2. It's asset management. That's what it is.

    I LOVE organized assets. You CAN focus on the end result to change your mantra. It may help. :)

    Asset is a funny word. Almost as funny as fahrt. I used to giggle every time I saw that on a road sign in Germany.


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