Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 319

Today I sip from my orange flowery "every day's a sunny day" mug. We have a blue sky day both actually and metaphorically. I am ready to spring into spring!

I'm sitting here looking out across my horizon viewing the upcoming two months. In a different frame of mind it might make my head cave, but with my current "every day's a sunny day" mentality it feels like a celebration. A week ago my head was full. But with all the help I have received cleaning my home of late (thanks Mum), and all the filing I have been doing (in my house, in my office, in my mind), my previously clouded and jumbled mind is now clear and ordered and ready for action.

So, what have I got to look forward to? Are you ready for it? Here goes ....

  • A Friday schools cheer competition in Sydney in September, along with a Canberra based competition in October , and the Australian All Star Cheerleading Nationals in Melbourne in October which means a four day road trip and two days worth of CHEER!
  • Chelsea and Pat's engagement party. I will be helping cater the event.
  • Two calisthenics competitions in September for Miss Tahlia as well as the end of year calo concert in October (which I am helping coordinate).
  • Fathers' Day in September which will no doubt involve some sort of day trip to celebrate our Dads. I might get Derek to coordinate that one!
  • Derek's parents 50th wedding anniversary and his brother's 25th wedding anniversary which we are hosting at our house. It will be a formal sit down dinner I think ... (still need to work that one out). I have ordered the invitations, that's a start ...
  • A holiday to Adelaide in September/October school holidays to put some kilometers on our lease car, and to see some scenery I've never seen before, oh, and to check out Lucy's home turf and visit that drive-in she's always talking about ( )
  • A two day, two night stay in Sydney with my hubby for a high power getaway in September. We will be attending a success training conference featuring Anthony Robbins and Richard Branson. Can't wait!!
  • Oh, and let's not forget both mine and Tahlia's birthdays in there. We both get to whack a number one on our current decade status. My birthday will signify my full 12 months of blogging ... and the official end of Deep Fried Fruit ... hmmm ....

Who knew there were so many weekends in September and October?! There are a few weekends there where many events are taking place in the one three day period.

Anyway, it's going to be a very big SPRING for us Langdowns which will hopefully give me plenty to write about ...

Oh, it's Friday already? Really? Hmph.

I guess that means some more blog flogging ...

Wanna flog yours?


  1. I've been wondering what's been missing from my week and then I realised that I haven't been reading my daily rose of Deep Fried Fruit! Eek. What a huge couple of months you have ahead! Stop scaring me with this end of deep fried fruit business! It's giving me an ominous 2012 feeling! What will I read to start my day with a smile each morning if you disapear?

  2. And I cannot wait to show you the home turf.....


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