Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 320

Gherkin. Now there's a word for you. Gherkin.

For those of you who know me, you know I don't watch the news or read the newspaper. I even managed to wean myself off the gossip rags. I have a self imposed media ban in place. When they start reporting on all the good and wonderful in our world I'll start reading and watching again, but while ever the focus is on the shite and ugly aspects, I'll avoid it all thanks. And when it comes to gossip rags, there are a couple I'll still peak at to keep up with all things Hollywood ... but the moment some gherkin starts nitpicking at someone's dress sense or telling me "according to our source" I'll ditch them too. Just interview the starlet in question and stop speculating! And leave their clothes alone. As long as they are wearing something (including undies ... thanks Britney) surely that's enough?

Notice the nice use of the word "gherkin" in there. It's my new word of the week. I found it in the newspaper yesterday. Oh, did I say I don't read the paper? Well, every Friday Derek buys me a newspaper, I pull out the middle and throw the rest in the fire. You see I need the "League Central" lift out to do my footy tips!!! For all the good it's doing me. I think I might be coming last ....

Gherkin. I was going to talk about the word gherkin. A gherkin of course is a pickled cucumber. I think in America you just called it a pickle. Well in Oz it's a gherkin. Yesterday as I was reading about all things Rugby League I came across some interviews with footy players about who they were going to vote for. Ah YES!! Today is election day. Did I forget to mention that? But the word gherkin is far more entertaining .... Anywho, one of these footy blokes said (and I quote) "I'm yet to decide, but one thing I'm certain about is how uncertain I am about either of these two gherkins speaking at world summits on behalf of my country". LOL. I'm not sure I agree with his overall philosophy, nor do I necessarily support our leaders being called gherkins, but a big thumbs up for using the word gherkin out of context in this manner.

So while the rest of you are stewing over who to vote for, and get all concerned for the fate of our country, I will be working out new and creative uses for the word gherkin. Why? Because I already know who to vote for, and it won't be for the gherkin. My chosen leader doesn't come with a cucumber, pickled or otherwise.

Happy voting everyone!


  1. Interesting topic today,I am so nervous about my open house and I reckon all but the GREENS are Gherkins!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Gherkin is a good word. I have some gherkins in my refrigerator. They pair well with pate and mustard. I think I have probably voted for some Gherkins in my life, but never twice. That's the glory of a democracy, you get do-overs every few years.

    I hope you don't stop blogging on your one year anniversary. I think that you will miss it and perhaps even feel like a gherkin instead of deep fried fruit.


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