Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 321

So, Australia is in a right royal pickle... it's all very gherkin-esque really! We're hung. Very well hung in fact. So well hung that the concept of cucumbers is quite apt. Who would have thought my next out-of-context use of the word gherkin would be to describe the results of our federal election. It's a hung result. Meaning I guess that it's bit like a tie. There will be a result eventually once preferences and alliances are worked out. It's all so complicated. Let's just set up a game of ping pong going and let them bash it out. Or a gherkin eating competition. There's a thought! You see, there really are a million and one uses for the word gherkin. Trust me ... and in the mean time I'll keep finding them.

Join me tomorrow for more wonderful adventures of the common every day cornichon ... (that's French ... for gherkin)


  1. Just when you were looking forward to HEARING THE END OF IT, IT JUST KEEPS GOING AND GOING AND GOING. Will it ever end? A pickle indeed.

  2. Fun to hear the Aussie news through blog land!


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