Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 323

My husband came pounding up the stairs this morning (just as I thought he had left for work) to ask if I was planning on doing any washing today. Nope. Not planning on it. Good. The washing machine is full of golf balls. What the?!? He is at it again .... We have machine gun fire and a potential lotto draw going on in our laundry. You can read about his previous washing antics here.

At least I know his balls are nice and shiny. That must be a nice feeling. (This might be a good point to throw in a gherkin reference but I am already over the whole gherkin thing.)

I wish my bits and pieces were all nice and shiny. My deep fried toolbox is bare and I am looking and feeling my deep fried age. I need to restock. What is in my deep fried toolbox? Oh, you know, the essentials. Like age defying foundation, hemorrhoid cream to put around my eyes, the bulldog clip to pull back my neck curtains, the tweezers for my lady beard, super glue for broken nails, and mascara to cover up the grey hairs that appear mid dye job. As I said, the essentials.

Anyway, I am completely out of foundation. You see, we were due to go to the US this winter to (a) escape our cold spell and (b) to visit our besties in PA. And when I am in the US I stock up on all things make-up because it is like a quarter of the cost over there. I usually come home with all my Estee Lauder, and a bit of Elizabeth Arden, as well as all the free gifts which keep me in lipstick and eye shadow for another year. Yeah well, I missed out this year. And then it occurred to me - just because we couldn't afford to spend $10,000 on a trip to save me $150 in make up, doesn't mean I can't actually go out now and buy my make up at full Aussie price. Does it?

Of course not. So while Derek spends time (and my patience) keeping his balls all nice and shiny, I'm going to head out today for some extremely important deep fried fruit therapy. I'm off to get some age defiance in a bottle as well as (with a bit of luck) a little baggy full of freebies.

Does anyone know of any wonderfully luxurious promotions going on at the moment?

A few hours later:
I just came pounding home after a very windy morning at school (both outdoors and in ... geez little kids can let off some fluffy air bombs ...) and I'm all ready to research the best deals for refilling my deep fried tool box, and I can't find anything! Apparently Father's Day is just around the corner so the only skin care and beauty products being hocked are those for the more masculine among us. How rude!! Wouldn't the best fathers' day gift be a beautiful un-aging wife? I simply can't buy new make up if it doesn't come with gifts. I just can't! It's against my values as a yummy mummy try hard ...


  1. My two year old would be running scared from the washer with golf balls flinging around in it.

    Hope shopping went well! Stopping from SITS!


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