Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 324

A friend of mine sent me a text the other day asking for my address. I was thinking, what would she be sending me? She lives in the same town. We'd only just seen each other. We email each other all the time. Is it flowers? Not my birthday. A card filled with friendship? Not necessary.

Yesterday the mystery was solved. It was a card. As follows:

Dear Leanne
See, we can be friends
love from
Your Chin Hair

And inside the card was a newspaper article cut from Sunday's Canberra Times "not all ladies live in fear of the fuzz". Oh really? And there in full colour is a photo of Salma Hayek in full beard, mustache and side burns. Yikes!! What are you trying to tell me chin hair? That you wanna stay?

So I read the article. Yikes again!! There is a whole hairy woman movement out there. There are even awareness campaigns suggesting we should just let go of our hair-free obsession and go with it. Even if it means a goatie or Hitler tache.

In Britain the movement is called Hairy Awarey, and there was even a documentary titled "F*&k off I'm a hairy woman".

But I don 't want to be a hairy woman. Please? Little black chin hair? Are you listening? I don't want to be a hairy woman. The article quotes one woman who has embraced her mustache and even strokes it as she thinks, watches TV or waits in line. That's what I want to avoid - the whole chin stroking thing. I do it with my little patch of mane under my chin. Tahlia has even said to me "stop stroking your beard Mum". I don't want to be a beard stroker. I am not attracted to hairy men, so I don't want to become one.

It was interesting that the most of the women embracing their hair were in their 40s. Apparently they learned to embrace it with that coming of age. Yeah, I am learning to embrace lots of things in the age of the deep fried fruit, but my beard isn't one of them. A less then perfect bikini line, sure. A bit of a winter under arm fuzz, occasionally. Mohair pantie hose, no worries. But a visible spiky little "Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo" beard? Not yet.

Sorry ladies. Hope I'm not letting the side down. And chin hair, while I appreciate the lengths you are going to (pardon the pun) to stay in my life, I'm afraid your presence will only ever be temporary.

There was one particular fact worthy of note in the article that I may look into, and that is that the onset of thick dark chin hair does not necessarily mean a symptom of middle age, but rather can be an indicator of excess testosterone-related hormones or polycystic ovary syndrome. Might just quietly mention that to my gyno next check up.


  1. Nair, I'm telling you, Nair.

    (I have asked my OB/Gyno about the hormone thing. True, apparently. All that weight loss and exercise = fitter = more testosterone, or something. He lost me. But either way, Nair fixes it.)

  2. Lucy you keep telling me Nair and I keep saying Nah, but if it is working for you, then I best give it a burl!

    And re testosterone, this all started when I began getting fit!! Darn it ...

  3. Hilarious, gave me a giggle. Sorry about the hair and thanks for being there as I travel this exciting adventure on the way to my life puppose.


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