Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 326

It got to around 3.00pm yesterday and as I drove towards the school to pick up the kids I came to a realisation - I hadn't actually had a meal. I had gone through the whole day without sitting down to eat. I had gone through the whole day without shoveling food into my mouth at all. And I wondered why I had a headache? How did I forget to eat? What did my day consist of that hunger was ignored and my bladder was screaming? Crap. I was busting for the toilet as well. When I thought about it, I had needed to go to the toilet about two hours earlier but I don't recall actually going. Perhaps I did? Let's backtrack ....

5.30am Woke up and turned off the alarm
6.55am Woke up again and swore
7.00am Put the kettle on
7.05am Cuddled the kids
7.10am Sat down to blog
7.30am Checked my emails
7.40am Got the kids breakfast
7.50am Made the kids and Derek their lunches - ate two slices of cheese as I made the sandwiches. Oh good. I did actually eat. Stealing cheese as I prepare lunches is banned in my house. I thought of that as I ate another slice. I remember one of my earliest blog posts about cheese which you can read here.
8.05am Sent the kids off to get dressed while I went around the house making beds.
8.15am Sent the kids off to do their chores while I cleaned the kitchen
8.25am Sent the kids outside to feed the magpies while I wrote my to-do list for the day
8.30am Went and had a shower while the kids sat in front of the TV for a bit
8.45am Came out of the bathroom in time to kiss husband and kids goodbye. It was Thursday. I loved Thursday's as I didn't have to be anywhere until 11.00am.
8.50am Finished doing hair.
9.00am Sat down to computer to investigate venues for October cheer comp on behalf of Cheerleading Federation.
9.15am Phoned Canberra Uni about hiring their sports centre. Not available on the dates we need it. Bugger.
9.20am Follow up email to Australian National Uni about their sports centre.
9.25am Took a call from husband. He had been checking on the two basketball stadiums. Both are interested and well equipped (and cheap) but neither available on dates. Bum. Thanks for trying.
9.30am Compiled list of cheerleaders going to Nationals comp in Melbourne at end October. Sent emails and texts to a couple of parents still waiting to hear from. Do they need to be included in group bookings of airfares and accommodation?
9.45am Have I had a cup of tea? Vaguely recall boiling jug. Go and reboil jug. I should eat. I need to pee.
9.50am Took phone call from local community centre returning my call from yesterday.
10.00am Looked at watch and raced out door. Need to pick up printing for inclusion in parents-in-law invitations for their 50th wedding anniversary. Tis combined with brother/sister-in-law 25th celebration.
10.15am Collect printing. It sucks. I didn't prepare it properly. Bugger. I put it in bin as I walk out of mall. Need to start again.
10.20am Took Tahlia's school shoes to repair man. Sole is split. He said he can't fix. Need new shoes. Crap.
10.30am Walk into shoe store and measure up shoes. $55 later and Tahlia has new school shoes. Sigh.
10.40am Walk down to party shop and talk to party lady about 50th and 25th wedding anniversary decorations. Order some stuff. Pay for it.
10.55am Race to car. Late. I still need to pee. I'm hungry. Have I eaten?
11.10am Arrive at school to find cheerleaders waiting for me. Recess rehearsal. Cheerleaders all there and all keen. Good cheerleaders.
11.40am Go to year 4 class and help with art.
12.25pm Go to another year 4 class and help with literacy.
1.10pm Head out to car with grumbling tummy and full bladder. Be home soon. Will eat and pee then.
1.25pm Took a detour to another arty crafty shop for gold cardboard to mount new invitation extra bit.
1.45pm Went via grocery store to pick up bread rolls, curly fries, beetroot and a block of chocolate. Never go grocery shopping when hungry. Chocolate was not on list.
2.00pm Finally got home and raced to toilet.
2.05pm Realised I never did have that cuppa. Put the kettle on again.
2.10pm Changed the ink cartridges in our printer and redid the invitation inserts. Looks a bit better.
2.25pm Started cutting and gluing the new printing onto the gold backing card.
2.45pm Got invitations, with inserts, addressed envelopes, chased up some addresses.
3.00pm Raced to car to get kids. Realised I needed to pee again real bad and that I was very hungry. Took chocolate out of bag and ate three rows. Did I ever have that cuppa? What have I eaten today? Cheese .... and now chocolate ...
3.20pm With kids in car went via post office to pick up parcel. It was the wall decals for kids bedrooms. Posted invitations.
3.40pm Went to $2 shop to buy stuff to decorate kids shoes. Crazy shoe day at school next day.
3.50pm Headed home. Kids complaining of hunger. You think you're hungry!
4.00pm Got in door and realised I had one invitation still in handbag. Shit.
4.05pm Sat in front of computer and answered emails.
4.10pm Liaised with illustrator via email. Her drafts are done! Yay.
4.25pm Got meat out for dinner. Easy meal tonight. Hamburgers and curly fries.
4.35pm Sat in front of Bold and the Beautiful for ten minutes. She had sex with her teenage daughters boyfriend?!?! Not again .... turned it off.
4.50pm Set about cooking early dinner. Derek got basketball. I am ravenous.
5.20pm Family all eating TV dinner in front of King of Queens reruns. I eat my food and Tahlia's left-overs. Hole in tummy filled.
5.45pm Husband heads to basketball. I clean up. Kids get home learning out.
6.00pm As kids doing homework I put the decals on their walls. Walking in and out to help them with homework.
6.30pm We all "ohhh" and "ahhh" over their newly decorated walls. Back to home learning.
7.00pm We are sitting on couch reading.
7.20pm I head to computer to print the illustrators drafts for viewing closely tomorrow.
7.45pm Kids and I snuggle on couch watching TV
8.30pm I put them to bed and then watch two episodes of 90210. Bliss.
10.00pm Husband home. Champagne and chocolate.
11.00pm End of day.

That was Thursday. This is Friday. That means a brand new day and time to flog yo blog.


  1. I'm exhausted and hungry just reading that! Go the chocolate and cheese.

  2. But it really IS so easy to 'forget to eat' (and so naughty). Phew! What a day. I especially like 8.30pm onwards though ;)

  3. Loved this walk through your day :)


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