Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 328

We all woke up feeling a bit dusty today. Mum and Dad stayed the night and we went to a dinner party. It was at my old bosses house. He's Scottish. So it was inevitable that he would pull out the whiskey. Very expensive whiskey. Whiskey that cost the Earth and was as rough as an elephant's arse. I was driver so I only had a small sample, and I still woke up feeling like I'd sucked on a burnt log. It might have something to do with the bourbons I drank once home I guess. But I'd prefer to blame the Scotch whiskey. It was apparently full of peat. Odd, most of the Pete's I know aren't nearly so rough as this Scotch. But being full of peat would explain why I felt like I'd been eating coal. My parents and Derek had drank quite a bit more than I had. Plus some sort of Korean rice alcohol that smelt like metho. They were feeling a bit dustier than I was. Derek said his tongue felt like it had been dragged along a tar road. Dad said he felt like he'd smoked a pack of cigars. Mum said she just felt thirsty. Yep, it's been a dusty kind of day.

On a good note the sun is still shining, the kids are still smiling and the dogs are still basking on the back deck. Mum and I went off to buy that make up I've been meaning to buy (with freebies) but came home with a new quilt set for my bedroom instead. So while my face will be less that fabulous, my bedroom will look a million bucks. We also got something to spruce up Darby's room so that the conversion from preschool to big boy is almost complete.

Why didn't I get the makeup? Because it sucks that it costs so much here in the land of Aus. The L'Oreal mineral make up I use is over $30 here and only $13 in the USA. The Estee Lauder foundation I often buy is $65 here and less that $30 over there. AND to get the free Estee Lauder gift you have to spend $70 here (which means I'd have to buy something else as well as the foundation) and you only have to spend around $25 in the States. So I am revolting!! Well, I'm not. I'm fit and fabulous of course, but I am going to revolt against the Aussie department stores and buy my stuff from the USA instead. So my dear soul sista in PA, if you are reading this ... I am going to take you up on your offer of sending stuff to me from your end. It would definitely wipe some of the dust off my day ....


  1. Whiskey now that is a fun drink, a whiskey mac even better especailly when one is learning how to turn wood with lots of dangerous tools.

    I have sent you my story!!! I am excited, the writing thing is coming baccck!!!!!!

  2. Ugh, hope you feel better! Once the evening comes, sigh of relief, and pop in some movies!


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