Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 330

Oh wow, will you look at that. Day 330 of being fit and fabulous at 40. Only a little over a month till the big number ONE gets tacked on the end. Hmmm .....

It's a day in the home office today. I took a week off "work" this week for some catch up on my other projects. So no working at the school and no clients this week. I am enjoying a bit of "smelling of the roses" (or in my case, the tulips).

As you can see I am sitting here with my spring flowers, drinking tea out of my very comforting "we'll always have Santa Fe" mug and typing away at the laptop. I have my "to do" lists around me and am checking off all of yesterday's actions as well as starting on today's. Right now I am proof reading my step daughter's uni assignment which is due this arvo. It's her birthday today! 22. Wow. To think I met her when she was only 6 years old ... that's Darby's age. Where has that time gone?

Anyway, better get back to it. I am loving my desk day ....


  1. Oh, now I feel like I have had a coffee with you. Love that photo of you. Love your lists. xx

  2. LOve to see I even got a mention on your list, I am still humming from those wonderful emails you replied with.

    Good luck with your week.


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