Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 331

Hello, my name is Leanne and I'm a freakin irritable bitch.

If it's not an irritable knee, or irritable sinus, an irritable ovary, or just plain irritability, it's irritable bowel.


I have food sensitivities. It's very annoying. It's particularly annoying because I actually eat anything!! Whatever you put in front of me I'll eat. Except for dog poo. You put that anywhere near me and I'll chunder. Just thinking about it makes me retch. But anything else, and I'll eat it. Oh, besides sheep brain and bull testicles, because that's just wrong. But just about anything else.

So I have a very sensitive stomach and when I eat or drink the wrong thing all roads lead to migraine and irritable bowel. Argghhh!!

I say all this as I sit here with stomach cramps, nausea, reflux and migraine. I feel like shit. All because I dared to eat the things I am not supposed to eat.

Apparently I am a text book case of someone who can't eat amines, salicylates or MSG. That would be fine except that all three appear naturally in many foods. Amines are high in things like chicken skin, processed meats, frozen meat and some vegetables. Salicylates are high in many fruits and veges. MSG appears naturally in tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and unnaturally as flavour enhancers in many sauces, savory treats and Asian food. I know which foods are high and which are low and for the most part I avoid the bad bits, but there are times when you just wanna be able to eat like the rest of them. So yesterday I had a ham and cheese toasted sandwich (melt) for lunch and then last night at Chelsea's birthday dinner I had chicken breast stuffed with cheese and sun dried tomatoes, as well as a couple of big chunky slices of pizza with all the spicy meats. And I had a 3 glasses of champagne. All of which have done me in completely. The combination has left me a quivering irritable mess today.

So that's me in a nut shell today. A freakin irritable bitch. And of course I shouldn't be in that nutshell because nuts are high in all those chemicals. FFS.


  1. Eeek that's a real PITA (Pain In The Arse). Literally. There seem to be more and more people dealing with problems like yours and mine. I feel like a terrible mess when I injest that hateful "G" word. Gluten. But it hasn't happened in a while. Hope you are back to your normal fit and fabulous self soon. x

  2. I feel your pain Sista! Sorry that you feel so yuck. I've been a big ball of yuck ever since I got sick 5 weeks ago. Food sensitivities are reacking havoc in my life, my sinuses, my bowel, my head & my breathing. But...sheepishly I still plod along eating all the yummy foods that end up making me feel so bad! What's with that?? Maybe you'll have to change your blog from Deep Fried Fruit to Lightly Grilled MSG-Free Fruit, lol.


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