Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 332

Today is my last day of my "week off" as tomorrow I am up pre-dawn to be on the road with the cheerleaders by 6.00am for our bus trip to the NSW Scholastics competition at Olympic Park in Sydney. And next week I am back at the school (this time with year 1), and will also start back with clients and other Achieve Beyond business activities.

So what will I do with my last day? Well, I think I'll keep it at a slow and steady pace. I have a meeting with one of the local Universities to check out their digs for possible All Star cheer comp, and I have cheer at recess in preparation for tomorrow, but the rest of the time will be spent pottering about on the computer, and checking off a couple of easy "to-dos". I have even scheduled in some couch time.

Despite my yesterday venture as an irritable bitch, it's been a beautifully refreshing few days. I highly recommend it ...

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