Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 334

This decision to blog daily is a pain in the arse when there's a heap of stuff going on that makes getting to a computer more challenging than a 40 year old contemplating a forward walkover. One of my cheerleaders actually dreamed that I was doing forward and backward walkovers for which I was delighted!! Of course ... anything is possible ... given I am actually at the computer in the middle of making canapes to cater for 70+ people at Chelsea's engagement party tonight.

Yesterday's cheer competition was a great but very looooooong day. It was 12 hours spent with 30+ slightly out of control and squealing kids which of course sent me home with a headache. But it also sent us home with first and second prize for cheer which means we are the best level 1 cheer primary school in NSW and the ACT. Wooo hoooo .....

Today is a new day and one that required another early morning start so I could be buying my fresh food before the crowds. All done now though and lined up on the bench ready for me to start cutting, mixing, threading, stacking and spreading. Better get to it!

Melba toast, smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, capers

Wafer crisp bread, avocado, Spanish salami, spiced cream cheese

Smoked salmon cucumber bites

2 varieties of antipasto kebabs

Prosciutto melon (rock melon)


  1. Oh well done. On the blogging, on the cheer comp results, and on the shopping for glam looking food prep.


  2. Congratulations on the cheer competition, busy lady.


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