Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 337

Do you ever feel like you have a slow leak?

Like a helium balloon that is high and flying around a party room that suddenly starts to sag and hangs at mid room level. Not quite on the ground but far from the ceiling where it started.

Not all the way flat, just managing to hang at mid range.

Or that pesky car tyre that seems a bit flatter than the others, but not flat enough to outlay the time and money for a newbie. Just flat enough to require the occasional pit stop for some air.

Not all the way flat, just managing to hang at mid range.

I have one of those pesky tyres on my car right now, and as I swung by the service station to give it a boost in a mad-I'm-so-late-panic I decided that the tyre was probably a metaphor for my life right now. With all that is happening in the world of this little deep fried banana, I feel as though I am travelling along with only half my air making the road a tad bumpier than it would be if I was at the right PSI.

Not all the way flat, just managing to hang at mid range.

The irony of it is I know I need to change the tyre, but do you think I can find the time in the next couple of days to do it?! Finding the time would actually give me a smoother ride, it would take some of the pressure off my rims, and would preserve the life of my other tyres. It would allow for balance and comfort and I wouldn't have to keep making pit stops. A tyre full of air would take the pressure of everything else. If I would just find the time ...

Yes, definitely a metaphor for life. My life anyway. I know, I know. Yesterday I was all happy and going BANG (or was that BOOM?) and stuff as I rejoiced in being alive. It's true. I feel fabulous. However ...

I might not be all the way flat, and I may be managing to hang in there at mid range, but if I don't take stock and recharge I'll end up lying on the party room floor with all my helium drained in no time.

So today, why don't we all take stock of our tyre pressure to ensure continued safety, balance and a smoother ride.

And if not, and we really do end up lying on the party room floor in a crumpled heap, at least we can suck the last bit of helium out and say our parting words as a chipmunk ....

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