Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 339

Do you remember how about 6 weeks or so ago I got myself a Publisher (you can read about it here) and then one morning I woke up to discover my illustrator had pulled out on me, so I panicked (you can read about that here) and then the universe .... well, the blogosphere ... heard me scream in pain and responded with a database full of illustrators (you can read about it here) and then my big dilemma was choosing one when my head was taking me in one direction and my heart was taking me in another and I couldn't decide and it was torturous and as I relive it now my heart starts to spasm and I need to take a breath or I am going to fall of this chair due to asphyxiation .... (and yes you guessed it you can read about it here).
Well, over the last four weeks my illustrator who lives across the world from me has been working tirelessly on sketching and creating and inking and scanning, and with four very young children hanging by her apron strings (the youngest being under 3 months old) she has still managed to churn out the most beautiful artwork for the book. It is right here today that you get to see a finished sample for the very first time.

Are you ready for the great unveiling?

Ok, here goes ....... here is just one of 17 pictures ...

Do you think I made the right choice?

Personally, I think my heart spoke well and I'm kinda pleased I listened to that big 4 valved blood pumping muscle ...


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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