Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 340

Ahhh Sydney. You've gotta love it. And geez, it's easy to hate it.

Derek and I are in Sydney on our way to a conference. We drove in last night at peak hour. So we expected a bit of argy bargy. But Derek had it so well planned!! He'd checked Professor Google before we left, mapped out his journey and had it memorised.

I had said "shouldn't we use Tom Tom?"

No. Not using Tom Tom. Professor Google has spoken. That is enough.

I said "are you sure you can turn left into our street, I thought that was one way?"

Yes. We can turn left. Professor Google has spoken. That is enough.

I said "should we confirm with Tom Tom just in case?"

No. Not confirming with Tom Tom. Professor Google has spoken. That is enough.

So we cruised along the freeways and entered the big smoke. Fairly smooth sailing if you discount the bumper to bumper traffic. But that was expected. We came down through the city, along Elizabeth Street, turned into Goulburn street, crossed Pitt Street and George Street, and then hit chaos. Narrow streets, lots of cars, too many people. Crawling. Tis ok. Our hotel is only 500 metres away. We were so close we could smell it. And we got down to Harbour Street, we could see the hotel to our left. No left turn.

F(*&ing Professor Google.

Should have asked Tom Tom.

So we did the only thing we could and went straight ahead, across the bridge and just as we thought we were going to end up in the land of Far Far Away we did a nice little left handed swan dive into Pyrmont. We figured if we kept turning left we'd end up somewhere near the hotel. Surely. But then again, this is Sydney ...

So we went off on our left handed adventure. We almost ended up in carparking stations twice, but we managed to get free of them. We soon discovered what the arse end of Paddy's Markets looks like and could have bagged ourselves a cage of chooks and cockatoo if we'd wanted to. We found out what it was like to ignore red lights and just sit in the middle of intersections while cars beeped and buses tooted. We saw what people's faces looked like as they wove unphased through the traffic. We also discovered plenty of Chinese medicinal outlets where wing of bat could fix multiple afflictions.

But most of all we discovered that poor ol' Sydney Town is quite unequipped for the population it now houses.

45 minutes later our trip around the block ended and we came into Harbour Street in the right direction and swung ungraciously into the hotel holding zone. As we unloaded our luggage we contemplated doing the whole thing again so that we could actually park in one of the aforementioned carparks for only $25 a night instead of paying the valet $40 a night at the hotel. But Derek took one look at the chaos outside hotel-land and said no. No joining the chaos. Derek has spoken. And that is enough.

Seeya!! I'm off to see Anthony Robbins up close and personal.



  1. Driving in the city will do your head in (old news for you now). I usually catch a train now which isn't much better.
    Gotta love the complete lach of town planning.

  2. I imagine good old Robbins will see you more fired up than ever, enjoy!!!

  3. Oooooh, Anthony Robbins?! SO SO jealous!

  4. Woo-Hoo!! I'm so glad you get to have some fun. After that drive, you deserve it! I hate traffic that bad.


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