Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 341

So here I am hangin' with my mates Tony Robbins and Richard Branson ... well me and 7000 others.

Derek and I are enjoying the conference immensely although the D Man prefers to pick and choose his sessions and wanders back to the hotel occasionally, whereas I sat there from 8.00am until 9.00pm yesterday diligently taking notes. Yes, I am the conshi one (conscientious) and he is the fidget.

When I heard Anthony Robbins was coming to Sydney I just had to buy tickets. He's like a legendary rock and roll band - you enjoy their music, and you download their songs, and while they're not necessarily your absolute favourite, if they come to town you've got to see them because they just ARE. Well that's Anthony .... he just IS. And man, he didn't disappoint. There was a huge line up of people speaking yesterday so I figured he'd just breeze in and out and we'd be lucky to get an hour of his time. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered he was scheduled to speak for 3 hours. And holy shit ... he actually spoke for 4!!! They couldn't get him off the stage. By the end I was almost saying "ok, you can go now, I've had enough". Almost.

Anyway Tony was a buzz and the conference is great. We're looking forward to seeing sir Richard this morning.

Just a little diversion ... we went for a very quick wander during the lunch break and I managed to twist Derek's arm into heading to Paddy's Markets. It only took an extra little twist to walk out with a new leather jacket. Well, you know, it was like cold in the conference because of the air conditioning so it was a necessary purchase! And it looks damn good on me. And the Chinese burn didn't hurt Derek that much ...

Anywho, it's time to get my notebook at the ready and go and get all loaded up with wonderful energy and shit to pass onto my clients.

You want me to share some Anthony pearls with you before I go? Ok, here are some bits ad bobs in relation to business, relationships and success in general:

If you don't want something to end, then treat each day like the beginning.

A lack of resources is not the problem!
It's a lack of resourcefulness...

Identifying what is wrong is always available.
So is identifying what's right.
It's your choice.

Being responsible is about being response ABLE.

The bigger your challenge the stronger you become.

and last by not least

The secret to living is giving.

and with that said, that's all I can give you today! I'm off to hang with the world's richest Virgin ...

Toodles ...

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  1. Jealous! I would have loved to have been at the conference but it was just impossible to get there. Can't wait to hear more! xx


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