Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 342

I'm pumped!!!

I'm psyched!!!

I'm ready for action action AC TION!!!!!

But I might just hang out on the couch for a bit first ....

Kidding. There is no way I could waste this day.

It's blue skies outside. The birds are singing. Blossoms have bloomed. No clouds in the sky.

Every day's a sunny day inside - well, that's the mug I'm drinking my tea from anyways.

And in my head I have to do lists coming out of my to do lists.

First on my list is to write to Richard about a joint venture. Sorry, according to my "I was born in England which makes me a gentleman" husband (and he is a gentleman) I should be calling him SIR Richard. So today I write to Sir Richard. I didn't end up seeing him yesterday by the way. Sir Richard. Not Derek. I saw him. We didn't end up seeing Sir Richard. We had to leave Sydney by 3.30pm to get home in time for a very important family event and he hadn't been on yet. It turns out he was the last speaker of the event. Oh well, although I was mildly disappointed as we drove away the family event was worth it.

But I think I got off the track there ...

To do lists ....

Sir Richard ....

And a whole bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with.

Anyway, we're back, and the conference was great, and we're ready to apply a bit of our renewed energy.

Oh, and that event we came back for was my sister-in-laws surprise 50th birthday party. Do you know how hard it was not to be able to blog about that event in my t0 do lists and forward calendar! She reads this blog (Hi Dee!!) so my lips (or my fingers) had to be sealed. The good news is she was very surprised, and the even better news was that my blog was a nice diversion as she was reading about us being in Sydney and all ... no hint of any family trickery ... no hit of a celebration ... she was completely and utterly blind-sided.

Ok, enough of this rambling. I'm out of here to make good use of the sunshine ... inner and outer.


  1. Ahhhh, you make me feel pumped. A bit.

    Glad you had a good time...

    I didn't know Derek was an Englishman.....

  2. Derek was born in England but been here since a baby. His parents still have their accents :)

  3. Nice to know there is a pom in your midst. Hope the venture with the Virgin takes off!!!

  4. LOL! Great analogy Kara.Yep, I believe it will

  5. It must have been a good day. A friend of mine also went and she is pumped as well. I hope Sydney traffic was kinder for the trip home.


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