Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 344

What am I going to do without th aformntiond lttr. It has falln off my kyboard. It's a hassl. I nd it for my passwords, I nd it for my clint nots, I nd it for this blog, I just bloody wll nd it.

So tll m about this lttr. What is its history? Origins? All that ...

Apparntly if you talk to Scrabblits th lttr in qustion is usd mor than any othr. Ys, I'm starting to gt that imprssion as I try to talk in cod hr today.

The Encyclopedia Britannica reports what is speculated to be the origin of the letter “E” in our modern alphabet:

The letter E may have started as a picture sign of a man with arms upraised, as in Egyptian hieroglyphic writing (1) and in a very early Semitic writing used in about 1500 BC on the Sinai Peninsula (2). The sign meant “joy” or “rejoice” to the Egyptians. In about 1000 BC, in Byblos and in other Phoenician and Canaanite centers, the sign was given a linear form (3), the source of all later forms. . . .

E is derived from the Greek letter epsilon which is much the same in appearance (Ε, ε) and function. In etymology, the Semitic probably first represented a praying or calling human figure (hillul jubilation), and was probably based on a similar Egyptian hieroglyph that was pronounced and used quite differently.

How did I manag to us th lttr in th txt abov? Coz I snaffld that info from anothr wbsit in a big copy and past motion. In othr words I stol it.

This is boring. I nd a nw topic and a nw computr. Ths ons giving m th shits.

At th vry last it is tim to gt an xtrnal kyboard.

Oh, and to wish my bautiful cousin a vry happy birthday. I can't writ hr nam though coz it is full of that psky lttr I no longr hav!!! Buggr.


  1. rofl! I love how in literacy we make more estimate than read words as I could read this post perfectly..despite it being void of E! (and I never realised just how important it was until now :) )


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