Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 348

Today I'm going to talk about being married for a bloody long time. Above you will see photos of my wedding. Whoops .... OUR wedding. The top one is our actual wedding day in 1998 and the second one is our wedding vow renewal in 2008 in Hawaii. Yeah, we stacked on a few kilos in between (went from a size 10 wedding dress to a size 14). You can see Miss Chelsea as an 11 year old in our first wedding, and then Tahlia and Darby in our second. The reason we renewed our vows was so that the kids could be involved. Tahlia asked me when she was about 4 "Mummy, why didn't you wait for me before you got married?" Hmmmm. Interesting question! So we did it again for her benefit ...

Anyway, today Derek and I are very proudly hosting his parents 50th wedding anniversary party, along with his brothers 25th wedding anniversary party, which is why I'd like to pay homage to being married for a bloody long time.

As we fill our house with gold and silver I think about the work you have to put into this whole marriage caper. I think about the good times, the bad times, the sick times, the well times. I think about the fights and the holidays, the challenges and celebrations. It's not a perfect science and some partnerships manage to run a little smoother than others. Some stick and some don't. Some are truly happy and others are positively miserable. Whatever the length, breadth or depth of your marriage, let's raise a glass to the possibilities! Whether you end up with your partner for a reason, season or life time, let's raise a glass to the growth we each experience when entering matrimony. Cheers!!

PS As I write this I remember my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. They renewed their wedding vows and as my grandfather grumbled his way through it all he said "I've already done my time! Now you're asking me to sign up for another 50 years? Geez, you get less for murder ...." He loved my grandmother dearly and she still misses him every day ....

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  1. Ahhhh.

    mawwage. *sigh*

    It's whet bwings us tugevah TODAY.

    Hugs. I hope you stay sain through the preps/break down of things.


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