Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 351

Bleary eyed.

No much sleep.

Millie the white fluffy is not well.

She is as sick as a dog.

Now I know how sick you actually have to be to earn that expression.

She went to the vet yesterday because she was wobbly on her feet. We thought she'd had a turn. When we got there there she appeared fine but instead they operated on her teeth and gums, remove a benign tumor on her gums and decided to shave her bare to get rid of matted hair. She is no longer Millie the white fluffy, but Millie the pink nude. All other tests came back ok. We decided her "turn" may have just been a weird vertigo thing due to just waking from a deep sleep.

Don't think so.

Last night she had another "turn" at about 2.30am in our bedroom. Her eyes were glazed, her back legs seemed paralysed. She was panicking because she couldn't stand up. She was scrabbling around on the floor. She wee'd. She poo'ed.

We got her on her feet and she managed to go outside to the toilet again. She was walking. Disorientated. But walking.

Then it happened again an hour later and the vomiting started. The "turn" lasted a lot longer.

We called an emergency vet. They put our mind at rest. Keep an eye on her. Could be the anaesthetic. Need to just monitor the "turns" and record the time span. Then take to vet in the morning. Ok.

Then it happened again. More vomit. More wee.

And again.

Her back legs aren't working properly.

Millie the pink nude is very unwell. We are sitting here fully dressed waiting for the vet to open.


  1. I'm sorry to read about Millie Leanne. I hope the vet has good news. ((((hugs))))

  2. I am soo sorry. It sounds like the sort of thing I've become very very aware of for Chickadee. A stroke, or since it is so repetitive, seizures. I'm sure your vet will tell you though. I'm thinking of you and hoping for your whole family.

  3. Oooh. I am hoping everything is OK? Thinking of you. xx

  4. I cannot imagine going through this with a child JBS. That is inconceivable. Thanks everyone for their wishes. Millie is spending the day at the vet on medication to try and stop the seizure cycle and we'll have some news later today.

  5. I hope she is ok, hope you are coping ok with the wees and poohs.

    Good luck to her and I hope the vets sort her out.


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