Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 357

Spent the night in Hay. What is Hay famous for? Well, it's not hay. But lots of other crops which looked amazing as we drove along the incredibly looooooong and flat roads with paddocks full of yellow and lush green.

It's warm! Got down to our t-shirts. I have a slight problem with that this year. I haven't been exercising in over 4 months now and my wonderful arm guns have turned into flippy floppy fadoobidas. I discovered that as I brushed my hair. It was quite a shock seeing (and feeling) drapes hanging off my shoulders. Combine that with chesticles under my arm pits and an arse that is drooping like a melted wax candle and I'm in strife this summer. As I roll down hill to this 40 with the other number attached to it, I am no longer fit and fabulous and slightly fatigued. I am flippy and floppy and bloody exhausted!!


So as I sit here typing I am drinking a Berrocca shot (vitamin B) and contemplating 100 sit ups, 100 dips and 50 push ups. And if I find a hill I might do some sprints so arsey doesn't feel left out.

Not sure what to do about the bloody exhausted bit. The problem with fibromyalgia is that when you stop being active, and start to relax, it takes over and steals you completely. And by active I don't mean exercise. By active I mean living life with purpose, to-do lists and daily direction. Exercise is very hard to do with fibro. You have to get your energy via other activities in order for exercise to become possible. Does that make sense? When on holidays I find it hard to keep my energy because I have left all my to-dos behind so that I can relax. And then I relax and BANG all energy is stolen. There's definitely some theft going on here ... am hoping my will power is greater that my thieving fibro foe ... or this holiday is going to be spent in a heap ... and my fadoobidas will just get drapier and my arse more melted ...


  1. sounds like me with my crazy certification. the motivation for exercise has to come from social, mental, or architectural motivations.

    good luck!

    you'll be wonderful.

  2. Hay = the five of us sharing one small room in very dodgy motel after trying to eat in dodgy pub but we waited too long and left and went hungry. The moral = book ahead.

  3. I hope you have a lovely holiday (actively relaxed!) and that your bottom doesn't melt!


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