Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 359

Sometimes you're just too damn far away from home. Especially when you are in Adelaide and your house alarm is going off back in Canberra. 15 hours away. And the security company keeps ringing you each time it reactivates. The movement sensor in the family room keeps registering movement. Over and over and over again. Shit! So you call your neighbour and for the first trip ever you forgot to leave them a key. But they have been around and around the outside of the house and no sign of entry nor any sign of movement within. Ok. That's great. The house seems safe. Sensor must be faulty? But it's midnight. And the street is trying to sleep. And they can't because your house is screaming and whooping at them. Fantastic that we have a safe house, not so fantastic that it will soon be set alight by angry neighbours. So you think, I gave Rod and Helen a key! So you ring them and wake them up. Sure you did. Four years ago. We gave it back. Bugger. Mum and Dad have a key! They're in the Solomon Islands building a village. Hmph. Chelsea must have a key? You wake her up. Nope. Had one. Lost it years ago. You never gave me another. (That'll learn her.) Granny and Grandad have a key. Do we wake them? No, they live 2 hours from the alarm. One last person. Friend with baby. Gave her a key during one of our overseas trips. So we text her. She responded in her half sleep. Yes, she has a key. BINGO! But she currently living out of town on a property while her new house gets built. FFS. Can't get up at midnight with small child. Agreed. She'll go and fix things up next morning. Good news. We call the security company. The alarm has stopped. Reset. Hasn't gone off in 40 minutes. Phew. Perhaps neighbours are able to get some sleep now? Hopefully.


  1. Oh man. I hope they've got it sorted out. Sorry you had to un-friend all your friends and neighbors in the process. Maybe you should extend your vacation so they forget.

    Then you could come home on a distracting day as well. This plan has merit I think...

  2. Oh what a pain! Did you find out what it was setting it off?

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