Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 360

Got nothin'.

Sleepy holiday brain.

Can't seem to wake up.

No innovation, creativity or humour in me.

Brain dead.

Not sure brain is still there actually. May have escaped through my ears last night. Might be off having a holiday on its own.

So got nothing to write about.

A quick update perhaps?

We had a great day yesterday walking along the shoreline and checking out the local area. Lots of walking. Found the BEST BAKERY EVER and stuffed our faces. We were out all day. Of course the Langdowns can't go anywhere without going home with more than they arrived with. We did a spot of shopping. Clothes and shoes. Bargains of course.

Oh, and house all well and has stopped screaming. Neighbours feeling harrassed but grateful it has ended. Apparently our alarm is the loudest in a long history of alarms. Not sure what set it off but it wasn't a burgler luckily. Could have been Derek's very loyal 20 year old potted palm. She had a new frong coming when we left so it may have been her new limb opening out. A mystery. Could be Santa's elves I suppose. I'd imagine they are on alert these days. Could have been my brain. It may not have actually escaped last night. Perhaps I left it on the counter ....

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