Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 363

We did it! The trip is now complete. Anything else is a bonus.

Last night we went to the Adelaide drive-in. And it didn't disappoint. The kids had the front seats while Derek and I sipped champagne in the back seat. The place was full of families, some in their cars, some sitting outside on fold-up chairs, some on mattresses in the back of station wagons (reversed in). Before the movie started there was a petting zoo set up at the snack bar and a game of ring toss. We loaded up on hamburgers, chips and Maltezers. It was a blast! Oh, and we watched the movie too of course. "Despicable Me". Definitely an experience to remember and well worth the cross country trip. I wish we had a drive-in back home. No seriously, I really wish we had a drive-in. So much fun!!

Oh, and the zoo was lovely too. We got to see Wang Wang and Funi! Here is a video of Wang Wang .....

We start our return leg today. I think we plan to get as far as Swan Hill.


  1. I hope you had the best time ever and a fun trip home.

  2. That sounds wonderful. You have just reminded me that we still have a drive in here and the kids are desperate to see Dispicable Me so I might take them there to see it :) . Have a safe journey home xo

  3. Yay!

    I am so glad you had a good time!


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