Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 364

Well, to be honest, I don't know how to feel. I don't feel great. But I don't necessarily feel sad either. I feel a bit void I guess.

Today is the anniversary of my 40th birthday. A year ago today I was feeling fit and fabulous (if not slightly fatigued) and was ready to take on the world in a big way. I was looking the best I had in years, feeling completely fresh and had some serious goals on the go. Here I am a year later with all that extra padding returned to my bones, feeling extremely exhausted and without a lot of gusto I've got to say. It must be that tail I'm now dragging around. Because I'm not turning 41 remember. No siree. I am still 40 ... but with a tail.

So what am I going to do about getting back to being fit and fabulous? Well for a start I might like to adjust my mindset. Stop walking around dragging my tail. I could actually stick my tail up in pride and even give it a little wag. I might not be looking as hot as I was this time last year, but there's lots to be proud of.

It really has been an awesome year. My big goal of course for my 40th year was to get published. That has been all consuming but the effort and the sacrifices created great results. No, I'm not quite published yet, but the mock-ups are being prepared in NYC as I speak and I should be signing off on a final over the next two weeks in readiness for my book on the shelves at Christmas. Woot woot!!!! And the other three books should follow closely behind next year. Can't complain about that ...

What else? Well, I did go trapeze flying, and climbed the highest mountain in Australia, and had a wonderful holiday in Noosa, and am currently travelling outback in our wonderful country. I never did go back to trapeze flying to be caught by a catcher like I said I would, nor did I make it to the USA like we'd planned. But they can be goals for my 40 + tail year. When I start selling my books and we have more time and money again.

I did take the cheerleaders to complete victory last year with them finishing up as the undisputed 2009 11 years and under ACT poms champions! And we are going to the Australian Nationals in a few weeks because of their growth and success in 2010. That's a big achievement. Oh, and of course I did become officially accredited as a level 2 cheer coach. Got to be happy with that.

And I guess my boobs are still reasonably situated (even if they do disappear under my arms when I lie down) and my arse isn't quite to my knees yet. The hail damage on my thighs is a new phenomenon and one I may be able to fix with a bit of firming exercise. Not sure what to do about the sagging face and crinkly neck, but I guess there are more lotions and potions I could try when I'm rich and famous. Perhaps that will magically firm up when I am feeling less fatigued. Nothing like exhaustion to age you.

I've got all my own teeth! And not a single filling. Now that's something to celebrate. And that muffin top I'm carting about with me on this holiday is probably all fluid. I'd say it's a bourbon and champagne muffin so I'll drain that in a week or so. (Remember those 3kg I mysteriously lost a few weeks back without even trying? Well they found me on this holiday and brought a few of their friends. The bastards.) Oh, and let's not forget that I am still happily married (most of the time) and that I have great kids who are healthy and happy. And a step-daughter who is doing fabulously well in the world of the grown up and is getting married next year. I still have my parents who are fit, healthy and happy, and one living grandparent. Yep. All good things.

Yes, I guess I can hold my tail up in pride as I carry that new appendage around. Being 40 was absolutely one of the best years of my life, mainly because I made the decision it was going to be that way. Now it is time to grab hold of 41 and do likewise!!

That said, I'm supposed to stop blogging now. This is to be the official end of Deep Fried Fruit. I made the decision to blog for a year. And I did that. Or did I? Hang on a minute! That title up there says Day 364 ... I've still got a day left. Hmph. I guess I'll see you tomorrow ....

In the meantime "HAPPY TAIL-DAY TO ME ......"


  1. Happy birthday Leanne, may you keep striving for and achieving the goals you set for yourself.

    Look forward to seeing you soon after I return.

  2. Happy birthday, my clever and amazing and goal driven friend.

    Please don't stop blogging after tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday! What an amazing amount of things you have done this year. Great work.

    I, too, hope you keep blogging.

  4. Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe you have done this. I have been waiting for Day 364 for some weeks, wondering if you would make it but totally knowing that you would.

    Congratulations on all that you have achieved. The list makes me exhausted just reading it. I'm going to lie down now ;). xxx

  5. Are you really going to leave us all hanging?


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