Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 365

Ok. I made it.

We've made it home from our trip, and I made it home on the blog.

We have walked in the door to our undamaged and unburgled home in Canberra.

And I have achieved a whole year of blogging on Deep Fried Fruit every single freaking day. Rain, hail or migraine. Whether happy, sad or suffering the fuckity fuckits. Whether fit and fabulous or fat and fatigued. Whether tanned, smooth and well groomed or white, saggy and hairy. Whether loving my husband and adoring my kids, or smacking my husband around the ears and letting off the Mummy Bomb at the children. A whole year of waking up at dawn with nadda in my brain and having to create readable dribble. A whole year of telling the world how wonderful 40 is and how you too can be somewhat fit and slightly fabulous even when you are bloody fatigued. A whole year ....

And here we are. At the end.

What do I do now?

Do I rejoice in my new found freedom or mourn for a long lost friend?

This blog has been my outlet. My constant. My friend. My connector. My network. My reason for jumping out of bed somedays, and for wanting to stay in it on others. My partner in crime. My sounding board. My listener. My soap box. My confidant. My wisdom. My gripe. My punching bag. My celebration. Mine.

How can I let that go?

I'm not sure I can ...


  1. I hope you can't let go. That is all. xx

  2. And you don't have to. Happy Birthday.

  3. Ah the fuckity fuckits. I've had that the last week, as you read in my blog :) Happy that you persevered - lucky someone around here can!


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